1. 49-50 12-13 "Ghosts of Geonosis" TBA TBA January 7, 2017 312-313 TBD
    51 14 "Warhead"[56] TBA TBA January 14, 2017 314 TBD
    52 15 "Trials of the Darksaber"[57] TBA TBA January 21, 2017 315 TBD
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  2. And here are all the visual connections of Rogue One and Rebels. Disney released the stills.
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  3. Awesome...totally awesome! That is Forest voicing too and the new VA does a great job for kenobi. Love the Ewan ish pointing his two fingers at maul.

    Has turned into such a great series
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  4. I got chills watching that. This half of the season is going to be epic. Although I expect we won't get the fight between Maul and Obi-Wan till the last episode.
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  5. new eps are up on the disney XD site.
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  6. That was an enjoyable episode.It was cool to see Saw back in action.
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  7. It was great to hear Forest's signature laugh.
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  9. With the darksaber training done Sabine is on her way to become the new Manda'lor. The training in the night was a visual spectacle.
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  10. Yesterday's episode was great.I wonder if this will be the last time we'll see Sabine with the ghost crew.
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  11. It was good to see Sabine's family. I was kind of disappointed that they separated at the end. I understand Sabine staying, but I was hoping the story would follow the team to Mandalore. Hopefully we'll see some of Sabine's adventures as well as following the Ghost crew in future episodes.
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  12. There is quite a bit more to Sabine's future in the SW lore and it also depends on how you interpret the comics/books what becomes of her and theories. I see this as a necessary move but not for the Rebels series.

    I expect more continuity to continue in the next SW animated series and for her to play a big part in it. Also, take it for what you will they have published a sequel to the Rogue One story/movie but it is Imperial based so the story continues.


    I love how they continue character stories from series to series so far so I hope that continues as the movies progress. I mean obviously 7-9 are not going to be the end. We'll get a whole new trilogy and side movies..maybe even a rebels character side story.
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  14. Damn, here i thought they managed to pull it off without a hitch. But I guess its going to take a lot more than that to fool Thrawn.
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  15. Admiral Yularen from the clone wars series was awesome. He aged well.
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