1. Just watched the new episode!
    They have to show in the next episodes Thawne doing more than standing there spouting a little chilling monologue, watching art plus the action unfold while he is already ready and able to kill the heroes. He could had attacked and possibly destroy the Phantom if he gave the order.
    The part I liked: Thawne would beat your ass if you talk trash about his studying of the art.
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  2. Thrawn is a patient man. Notice how he didn't make a fuss or even acknowledge the fact that Hera kept calling him Admiral instead of Grand Admiral. A lesser man would have felt his ego bruised and at the least corrected her. He is playing the long game and i doubt we will see it pay out until the end of the season when he overwhelms and deal a long-lasting blow to the rebels. He is currently at the stage of learning his enemies. We will just have to be patient for him to make his move.
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  3. True, and I don't recall Thrawn ever even giving his name, so at this point the rebels don't even know who they're dealing with, while he's been watching them and learning their tactics and strategies.
  4. Good episode in my opinion.It was really surprising to see Thawne lose his cool for a moment.
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  5. Thawne doesn't give a piss about power or usurping Vader. He is just a man who enjoys what he does for a living and he is damn good at it from a different pov. It's a chess match and a respectful one at that. His anger to the imperial officer shows his disdain for a lack of respect and probably something deep seeded that happened to him and his family.

    His joy in life is seeing it play out before his very own eyes. He is a sociopath though make no mistake. "Conducting" people's lives like some experiment. Welcome to the Empire! Ass.

    ..wait I thought it was Thrawn or is it Thawne.
  6. Its Thrawn. Thawne is from Flash.
  7. Sorry for getting Thrawn name wrong in my last post.
  8. lol it's ok I was just playing. Has anyone noticed Obi in the newest trailer for Rogue One? Not exactly in a living form but it to me is clearly him. Also Ewan is big time on hoping he gets to play Obi again and I am so so for that.

    Obi at 1:46
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  9. I liked the new episode. Plenty of cool action. Love the look of imperial super commandos. Question: Does anyone know what the inverted triangle on their helmets mean? Kanan has the same symbol on his chest as well.
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  10. This was a good episode.it's always nice to see the mandalorians in action.

    I really wanna know who Sabine's mother is.I hope it's Bo-Katan.
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  11. Fantastic episode.Thrawn continues to be a complete badass.
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  12. Kallus being the new Fulcrum was a surprise. I may have been just too slow but I only realized that the phoenix squadron is very similar to the rebellion logo.
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  14. Great ep. We got the darksaber again. And finally the message from the Holocron is made clear. I was hoping that the message would be different for both of them. But it makes sense that Obi-Wan would be the answer for both their questions.
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  15. Cool episode.it's always great to see Maul and his interaction with Ezra.

    Also It looks like we will be seeing Obi-Wan in the future.I can't wait.
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