1. Sam Witwer is a VA god.

    This season is going to be so kickass man. Having all of the seasons on bluray makes me happy. Really good fucking trailer so turn it up and expand it. The black saber is so awesome. Hondo is the man!

    Dave Filoni freakin rocks. would be nice to see him do some avatar work: Filoni also has a small model of the character Appa on his desk, from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Nice to see an army of Rebels vs the droids minus any clones. This Fall is going to be so awesome.

  2. i absolutely love TCW.I can't wait to see what their going too do with Darth Maul and the Mandalorians this season.
  3. i seen a few eps of TCW, and it was ok, i was expecting something as epic as the clone wars cartoon which was amazing, but TCW is a completely different take i see.

    one thing i don't get, ins't Darth Maul dead?
  4. I liked it until they started to run out of ideas on where to take the story so they just started randomly throwing in familiar characters.

    He has robot legs.
  5. Might be same as above but fucking awesome


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  6. Wow, that looked pretty epic. I never got into this show, I think I watched the Clone War movie and I really liked it, but never the show. I think I should start watching it. I know my old man loves this show (He was a Star Wars fan back in tha day).

    Was that Darth Vader I seen in that trailer?
  7. S1 and S2 were tight. Lots of fighting. S3 kicks in more character development and it's more about politics, other worlds, races, plots.. I think the bounty hunters kick in finally. S4 just came out yesterday and I'm getting mine after work today.

    I highly advise anyone watching this series to see it on bluray if possible or at least in HD format. In my home theater on the big screen and high quality sound it's just kick ass especially the really major battles. Some of these drop the music, very little talking and it's all just about the blasts, sabers, vehicles, death for a bit. Geonosis battle ..when they return a 2nd time is one that comes to mind.

    Also, these do not follow the movies verbatim.. not even close as you would expect for 5 seasons so far. Lots of characters from the books/comics you never see in the movies, old familiar characters show up. They go into the history of the force more. Lots of clone background stories. Bluray is the only way to see these man. You won't dig every ep. I didn't either. Only super die hard fans will.

    First 2 seasons came in digibook format with lots of extras. 3rd was dialed back a lot. I'll know more about 4th today.

    movie time!
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  8. I could imagine, thanks for the input. I will keep that in mind.
  9. you know, that trailer looks really good. I downloaded this series a while back and got around watching 10 or so episodes. I did like it, but not as much i wanted to like it. The first season seems really kidish, and the focus is too widespread. I like that they feature a lot of characters, but not at the expense of the important ones--so far padme has gotten like one appearance. The plot is oversimplified, and the villains cartoonish. How many times has Asaj Ventress been made a fool so far? And Grievius? he's the biggest joke of the series so far. At least Count Dooku is awesome, i'm at that ep where he gets kidnapped and forced to work with Anakin and Obi-Wan, real Cliche stuff...until the end, where he escapes by force chocking one guy and then forcing him to shoot his subordinate with his own gun, all that after having strangled another fodder with a laser rope....yeah, badass Dooku moment if i do say so.

    But all in all, the show has seemed aimed more for children, which i why i was surprised to see that trailer and how good and different it looked. I do hope this series gets better as it goes, not because it's horrible now, but because it has the potential to be so much better. Keep the great action sequences, but more character development and a narrower focus please, and by that i don't mean the epic starwars universe has to be downplayed, but by featuring a more regular cast rather than a 'jedi of the week' episode, i think the show could be stronger.
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  10. ep 14 and 15 of the new season are really kick ass. mandalorians, maul, jabba.. lots of death, sabers.. and the black saber... love it.
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  12. yeah gotta love the red saber vs the dark saber
  13. According to Dave Filoni the fight in the next episode is going to be even better.
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  14. I've said this before.. Sam Witwer is an awesome VA and does Maul so much justice.

    the music that plays when Maul says execute them.. the mmmm mmmmmm is so awesome.

    Unfortunately for you history will not see it that way.. maul is so badass
  15. dude.. lol. The latest ep from today was the shit man. Hell yeah.. great saber fights.. someone comes out and finally starts kicking ass and what a cold piece of work Maul is to do that in front of Kenobi.

    All I can say is watch this episode cause it has much death and lots of fighting and the last saber battle is awesome. At the every end.. what is that mosaic behind them? That has to have some significance.

    Oh and A BIG FUCK YOU and haha to cartoon network for losing clone wars to disney XD soon and especially with all the hype of the new movies.. this is a bread winner they are losing so fuck you and you can have your shitty new shows.
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  16. Damn,Palpatine made Maul his bitch in this episode lol.I gotta say it was really sad seeing Satine die like that.

    I wonder what's going to happen to Mandalore now.
  17. So Clone Wars was stopped with all the Disney stuff going on.. Apparently new arcs are coming out but yet to be announced if it's bluray only or online or on Disney XD.

    They are about finished and this clip is from an arc having to do with the backstory of Jedi Sifo-Dyas. He was the dude that ordered the clone army and then was killed. In the clip they find his old ship and his blue lightsaber.


    A link on him and then the clip: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Sifo-Dyas

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