1. Watched the first ep at my Barber and thought it was pretty good. Add a splash of 90210 original cast and you got a good show.
  2. This is actually a CW show. I can honestly say that I have -100% interest in this show. I was a huge Archie fan as a kid. This premise is stupid. Moose is a bi-sexual who is dating Kevin. Jughead is former friends with Archie. Reggie is Archie's best friend. WTF? Not everything needs to be dark and edgy. This is so fucking stupid. I'm tired of this shit.
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  3. Lmao!!!

    ^ Veronica ftw!!!
  4. So I'm just about to watch ep 3 now and I've been impressed with the drama show far. It is a bit too dark at times to be having the Archie brand attached to it but you know that's how they like to do things. Some veteran actors are on the show. I didn't know Robin Givens was on the show, I think that is a good look. Interesting fact the guy that plays the owner of Pops restaurant was the VA for Mr. Popo in DBZ. I like the Joshie an the Pussycat Dolls crew, they are really good. It would be cool if they get an episode or 2 focused on them like how the comics branches off on characters overtime. I'm liking Jugheads character so far, the look and acting has been on point. Of course as I mentioned before you can't go wrong with Luke Perry in the house. The girl that plays Cheryl is doing great, a lot of sex appeal and is a bitch. I like Betty Cooper, although in the comics I seen her as the sex appeal symbol, not so much for me in the show. I think I'll find myself fast forwarding any Kevin/Moose scenes.


    ep 3. Archie wtf you don't waste the one favor of nothing off the table from Cheryl on music lessons from Joshie :rage

    Great episode again, Betty went all psycho on Chuck at the hot tub. Miss Grundy's business is gonna be out in the open one way or another.

    I hope Chuck has more dimensions to his character and not just branded as a 'player'.
  5. @DM our milf professor ditched town in ep 4.

    Who was that girl in the pic with young Jughead supposed to be? Was that the Jughead like girl from the comics that loved Jughead? I forgot her name.


    Okay I found the name of the girl who I'm thinking that was. Ethel Muggs (Big Ethel)

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