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    DLed today first episode and for now... very promising and interesting. Too many young actors for my taste but the pilot was well done, with some nice action and badass bad guy.

    Anyone else watched it?
  2. I have it on my harddrive but haven't watched it yet but good to hear that you liked it. This has got mixed reviews from average to good.
  3. I saw it when it aired. Felt that it was ok. After they said that the story was 15 years after the incident, I was left wondering why no one had tried to make at least a generator in that time frame.
  4. erm? really? there is nothing wrong with generators mate. i think that was established very clearly. the electricity does not work. not that all generators, or battery were somehow damaged.

    there is some dampening field around the planet which makes electricity unworkable. not that electricity generators were broken. otherwise world would go back to normal (relatively speaking) as building a generator is very easy. heck. i could do that without knowing how just having basic knowledge on how electricity operates.
  5. Not a good impressionable episode in my opinion. The actors weren't that good, and the lines being said could have been better. That said, I'm not going to write off this show. It has a chance to be good. Since JJ is producing it. I got a very fringe feel when I saw the ending of the first episode.
  6. I have found the whole thing moronic: no electricity but the electrical processes in humans and animals still work not to mention the weather (they had crops). Plus, I have started to hate this shows, novels that take place after fall where the human society goes directly to a tribal\ medieval time.
  7. It's another NBC series that is destined to fail just like countless others just like Terra Nova on Fox and on and on. It's some cross between end of the world with that alien invasion feel to it and some kind of AMC walking dead ripoff and TNT falling skies half breed (which actually wasn't that bad towards the end of this season but overall was boring, too weak character driven drivel. TV rehashes the same ole shit over and over.. er basic and exp. basic.

    They'll never be able to make anything worth a shit cause 1. They aren't HBO so you'll never see a Game of Thrones type series and 2. Their budgets and time frames to get eps done are for shit. So they stick to all the singing, dancing, whores and fat people trying to get thin on world wide television and rehash the same ole bs. The comedies and regular series are better than this episodic crap they spew out.

    The big guns need to stick to the movies or get on board with AMC and a very few others and then HBO, Showtime, etc. Give me something on HBO with spielberg or lucas or JJ or any of those guys and I'll be all over it and I guarantee it will be a success. Fuck the general viewing audience who feed like rats off NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox. They got Dancing with The Whore Next Door to look forward to.

    Too bad noone can make another Battlestar... now that series was kickass.
  8. I feel the same way. I hate series like this cause they're so quick to cancel them right before the plot even gets started. Another promising show destined to 1-2 seasons. I wish I could get all the scripts to shows that never made it to their full runs and read the spoilers. A series like this should be in continued in comic form if they don't make the cut as a TV show. At least just to tell the story.
  9. Well, apparently this show is pretty popular, and was picked up for a total of 22 episodes this first season.

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