1. So it seems the teasing of the Guardian's time portal was a red herring. I guess the vision of Jack's future in that episode has been retconned.

    I wasn't expecting Ashi to be Aku's actual daughter. I figured it was just a cult name but it looks like the cult took their name literally.

    It really sucks that this season is already ending but I'm still excited and looking forward to the finale.
  2. WOW what an episode!
    Loved the scene with Aku and Scaramouch when they meet Jack!
    In the next episode: Rescue by the Scotman's daughters or Ashi gets control over the body or Aku stupidly more taunts Jack getting the Rage and Madness Jack to come out! Remember Jack is a better warrior in every aspect than Aku. Or Aku leaves with Ashi and the sword and we get the future hinted by the Guardian episode: more alies, rugged Jack, etc.
    Can't wait for next week!
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  3. That was a great ending and sad. Will have to watch the season replay again. They are doing a season marathon next sat on toonami.
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  4. I found that to be underwhelming, ik jack usually makes aku his bitch when they fight, but im still disappointed they didnt really square off once this season. I was expecting a satisfying 1on1. Oh well i wont bitch anymore. I liked how they did handled jack getting back, back to the past. Ashi forever in my heart
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  5. Ashi using the powers she inherited from Aku to return Jack to the past was a clever move. That solution never occurred to me, but it made sense.

    I really wasn't expecting such a sad ending with Ashi being erased from existence. While I brought up the issue before, I expected they'd find a solution to prevent that like the gods who forged the sword helping or that maybe it would end up like DBZ timelines. I knew the issue would come up, but I wasn't expecting it to actually end with her being erased. :(

    I'll definitely be watching the marathon next week.
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