1. Damn, I wasn't expecting Jack to end up killing one of daughters of Aku like that. Seems pretty soon, and it looks like he's getting ready to take out the rest judging by the preview. Makes me wonder how long this Daughters of Aku arc will last. Still I loved the reaction Jack had when he slit the girl's throat and the mask cracked to reveal that he hasn't been fighting mere machines.

    Also, loved the opening scenes with Aku. That was hilarious.
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  2. Aku is as hilarious as ever lol.
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  3. Yep that was a pretty awesome ep. The fight scenes with the crazy chicks was great..I was surprised as well.
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  4. Jack has killed before but it was not so brutal as now. Perhaps because they have actually shown the act, the face of the girl (or woman) and the expression on Jack's face. The expression reminded me of the one he made after the fight with X-9.
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  5. Damn, Jack was really awesome this episode, taking almost all of them out like that. I figured it would happen eventually, but I thought these daughters of Aku would last longer. I figured it would last several more episodes but it seems they're almost finished. Most of them are already dead. Guess it will just be Ashi and the mother this "Daughters of Aku" plotline will focus on. Jack and Ashi will definitely survive their fall, so it's possible those other two Jack tossed off the branch may survive. In the end, Ashi will probably be the only daughter of Aku to survive. There have been signs that she's being set up for an eventual heel-face turn. I've heard the theory that she may even end up being Jack's future love interest. Not so sure about that, but it is a possibility.

    Also, I liked that they continued with the wolf from the previous episode but had Jack and the wolf tend their wounds together. Also, I liked the flashbacks of Jack and his father.
  6. Now that was one awesome episode.I can't wait to see what's next.
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  7. That was great i really liked when the daughters were shocked by the deer killing jack really is the only thing tjey know
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  8. So Samurai Jack and Dragonball Super got preempted by the April Fools Rick and Morty premiere on CN. That was fucked up. I feel like castrating somebody over at Cartoon Network. This April Fools joke was not funny. :mad:
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  9. I was pretty happy to see some new rick and morty but i do wish they cut it shorter to show samurai jack i can care less ab super
  10. The Scotsman vs aku... Wow
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  11. Great episode. I loved the flashbacks to the original series, it brought back a lot of good memories.

    I loved the Scaramouche parts. The "looks like a talking penis" part was really funny.

    My favorite part of the episode was Ashi getting her new look. :drool

    I'm glad that Jack is finally going to go get his sword back. I'm really looking forward to that.
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  12. Yeah the whole ep was so good. I enjoyed the DJ part myself lol.
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  13. I loved that they brought back the people that Jack helped even if they were cameos: spartans, the dogs (also shout out to the Jetsons), the sailors (Popeye shout out).
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  14. Awesome episode. Ashi was awesome taking out the army and then confronting her mother. I liked how there wasn't any doubt or emotional turmoil but just straight-up called her mother out on her bullshit and didn't hesitate against her at all.

    Also, good to see Jack finally get his sword back. Though I'm somewhat conflicted. While it's nice to see classic Jack, part of me misses his new look. Also, in the last episode of the original series we saw a vision of future Jack in a red cape taking a time portal back to the past and he was shown with the long beard. Was that retconned or is Jack going to grow his beard back later on?
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  15. Amazing episode.Ashi is one badass chick lol.
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  16. Damn you guys said it all already, but i have to say my favorite episode yet
  17. They are showing a repeat tonight but I am behind. It was the one with the two of them flirting and fighting the die samurai jack cat people. Really good stuff how they worked together fighting. Such a great show.

    lol Jack is a sugar daddy now.

    lmfao!! Dean fucking Martin song at the end! So great.

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  18. I was kind of expecting them to bond over their emotional traumas. Would've been nice to get even one scene like that. Even so, I really enjoyed the funny, awkward moments. I'm glad they didn't waste too much time dancing around the issue and they kissed at the end. A lot of other shows ruin things haven't the love interests dance around the issue of their feelings and waste too much time.

    If Jack goes back to the past, I wonder how they'll handle things with Ashi's existence? Parallel timelines?

    I'm really looking forward to the next episode. Looks like Jack will be getting a rematch with the Guardian.
  19. There was nice build- up of the recognition of the attraction and affection between the two in this episode.

    I don't like that it was not addressed by the two that Ashi had killed her mother for the Samurai plus the fact that Jack killed her sisters. These are huge points that had to addressed before coupling them.

    I think they retconned the future shown in the Guardian episode from the first season (?), because Jack has lost his beard, the outfit. I don't think he will travel into the past anymore. He will save the future and stay with Ashi. Jack's parents, rest of his family, courtiers were already dead when he returned to fight Aku, so he has no personl reason to stop Aku then.

    Minor spoiler ahead:
    The episode description for the later episodes indicate that Jack will stay with Ashi in future. Or they can travel back together - her existing as a time remnant. She is a Daughter of Aku, this might mean more powers in future episodes.
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  20. Minor spoiler ahead:
    The episode description for the later episodes indicate that Jack will stay with Ashi in future. Or they can travel back together - her existing as a time remnant. She is a Daughter of Aku, this might mean more powers in future episodes.[/quote]

    Wait, how many episodes are left?

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