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  2. Well they could do an anthology type series. Start from the Ainulindale and Valaquenta as one season. That takes care of the creation of Arda, the Valar, the Maiar and their adventures during the Years of the Lamps.

    Second season can focus on the coming of the Elves and Quenta Silmarillion and be set in the Years of the Trees. It can end with the Trees being destroyed by Melkor and him fleeing from Aman with the Silmarils.

    Third season can start the Years of the Sun aka First Age. I suggest we give 3-4 seasons for this story. In between they can tell the tales of the House of Feanor and their battles against Melkor to reclaim the Silmarils, the coming of Men and their involvement with the Eldar, the story of Beren and Luthien, of Huor and Hurin and Turin Turanbar, of Earendil the Mariner and the end of the First Age.

    Then we can have maybe 2 seasons of the Second Age with the rise and fall of Numenor, the war of Sauron against Elves and Men, the creation of Rings of Power and end with the Sauron's first defeat at the hands of the Last Alliance of Elves and Men. This can serve as the end of the series as most of the Third Age before before the events of the Hobbit aren't that interesting.
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  3. It's a story about how Gandalf the White became corrupted, fell to Gandalf the Purple where he made his fortunes as a pimp, and then slowly regaining his morality as he transitioned back to Gandalf the Grey. Obviously the story of Grey back to White has already been told.
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  4. The orcs in the original LOTR are impressive. Watching it now and there's something I really like about the make-up opposed to cgi.
  5. Well obviously they didn't take my advice. They are just doing the second age. This means Numenor.
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