1. In the flash he was disconnected from the speedforce and was stuck in the past. Here he has his full speed and can go whenever the hell he wants.
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  2. Still, not sure how that explains why he's staying in the present and seemingly making it his main residence. He came to the present to get rid of Barry and intended to return to his time after. Now that Barry's gone and Black Flash is trapped, why is he staying in the present? It would be different if there was something else he needed or wanted in the present, but that doesn't seem to be the case. If I could go anywhere, I wouldn't be staying in a place I previously expressed dislike for unless I needed to. So, I still don't get it.
  3. So Thawne is officially dead? I hope not. Why the hell didn't Thawne use the Spear to make himself real so that the Black Flash will no longer chase him? Instead he had him just locked up and primed for Sara to release him.
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  4. So it's perfectly alright for Barry to break time while the Legends have to fix their mistakes?
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  5. Yeah, I don't get how the Legends meeting their past selves broke time like that. Compare that to the night Barry's mom died where there are several different Barrys and a couple of Eobards around. Also Eobard gathered several dozen versions of himself at the end there. Perhaps there's something special about speedsters that prevents that from happening?

    Also, Thawn was really stupid this episode. At the beginning, it was really badass how he killed Ray, but then he blew it at the end. Despite several dozen Eobards having super-speed AND a numbers advantage, Sara had enough time to hold a conversation with the others and chant the incantation for the spear. The Thawns should've done to Sara what he did to Ray earlier in the episode.

    And like Leroy said, Thawn should have done more than just caging Black Flash. Even if for some reason he couldn't do anything directly to get rid of Black Flash, he could have used the spear to fix his own existence. At the very least, he could have brought Eddie Thawn back to life, which would fix the timeline and Black Flash would have no reason to go after him anymore.
  6. My guess is that the speed force compensates somewhat for the time travel that speedsters do as opposed to those who are literally traveling through time without the aid of the speed force.

    Eobard is dead in the sense that any further interactions should only be the Eobard that Barry is destined to come in contact with as his time as the Flash continues. So basically Barry will know that he wins in the end but he will have to accept any fucked up shit that Eobard does.
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  7. Lol all those thawnes in one place I'm surprised our reality was able to hold up
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  8. after being freed, how come that much speed force usage amongst the billions of eobards didn't bring the Black Flash sooner?
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  10. What was up with Rip acting like some bureaucratic asshole? He has no right to be angry about time getting messed up since he was there with the team and went along with the decision. He knows it was supposed to be a "desperate times, desperate measures" decision with the spear having been used and then destroyed. And it clearly wasn't that big of a deal to begin with considering that the Time Bureau apparently only took a few minutes to fix everything.

    At this point, I'm just looking forward to Constantine's appearance and that's about it.
  11. The feminist/SJW preaching this season is INSANE. It makes the show just really hard to watch.
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  12. God that was a hard episode to watch. Constantine's back in the Arrowverse for a bit tho.
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  13. Oh hell yeah Constantine is back. Just give Matt Ryan a new solo constantine show on CW will ya? Or better yet do it on cable.
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