1. With Gideon's intelligence and personality I assume they forgot that as a computer, Gideon doesn't really have free will and isn't a team member. Though even if this occurred to them, they might not have the authority to revoke Rip's access and Gideon might not have allowed it.

    Honestly, the simple solution would've been to keep Rip unconscious and in stasis in the med bay until they figure out how to undo Rip's brainwashing.
  2. So, Rip is in love with his computer? Well, it's still a more compelling romance than what's going on with Steel and Vixen. Is that going to end up as pointless as Ray and Hawkgirl last season?
  3. Vixen's actress is fine though.
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  4. Thawn mentioned working with Caitlin and Cisco for years and it sounds like personal experience. Yet, didn't Barry pull this version of Thawn from the point in time when he killed Barry's mother? Shouldn't he not have memories of working at STAR Labs since this version didn't get to assume the identity of Wells since he came before that point in time? It would be like Darhk remembering fighting Oliver despite the fact Thawn pulled him from the 1980s. It would be one thing if he was just talking about second hand knowledge of what the other Thawn did that he learned, but this sounded like his own experience which shouldn't be the case.
  5. Time travel and Flashpoint could have affected his memories in some way. Who knows with all this stuff?
  6. Fucking time travel.
    Timeline 1 Thawne travelled back in time to find which time period the flash came from. This is when the reverse flash appears in season 2. Here he gains knowledge about Harrison Wells, Barry and the rest. Then during a fight with the Flash in year 2024 he travels back to the year 2000 and kills Barry's mom creating a second timeline.

    In this timeline 2 the particle accelerator accident happened way earlier. Thawne has been living as Wells for sometime now. And this Thawne is erased from existence when Eddie shoots himself. But the major cause of all these events is Thawne himself so there would be a paradox if Thawne no longer exists. So the speedforce preserves a remnant of Thawne from the past so that these events can take place.

    As if this wasn't complicated enough Barry had to travel to his mother's death for a third fucking time and save his mother and imprison Thawne who was present in 2000. Remember that any appearance of Thawne before his death and erasure from time is now considered a time remnant. So during the flashpoint timeline Barry had a time remnant of Thawne captured and eventually team up with him to end Flashpoint. So this remnant of Thawne goes back to the year 2000 and supersedes the other remnant of himself and successfully kill Barry's mom once again. But then he doesn't remain in the year 2000 and instead travels forward to 2016 where he drops off Barry. And yet most of the events in the post flashpoint timeline is similar to pre flashpoint timeline aka timeline 2. So there must have been a fake Wells who caused the particle accelerator incident same as in timeline 2. If not again none of this would have happened. So to avoid the paradox once more, the speedforce most likely created a time remnant of fake Wells.

    This is what lets Thawne to freely time travel around. But none of this indicates that he should know about the time when he worked with Cisco and Caitlin. Because this time remnant of Thawne has not worked with them. He has not spent that 15 years as Harrison Wells. In timeline 3 or post flashpoint timeline that job was done by a time remnant created by the speedforce to preserve the timeline. So unless somehow he got the memories of his time remnant he shouldn't be able recall those years.
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  7. Nice. Looks like we are going to get an altered reality in the next episode. Hopefully some of the changes are permanent.
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  8. While it would be nice, I doubt any of the changes will be permanent other than some minor ones. Similar to how Flashpoint only changed a few things, but most of the events of the past were the same in the new timeline. I'll be pleasantly surprised if I'm wrong.
  9. MothaFuckin' DC bringing Christianity ( without shoving it down our throats ) and combining it with tolkien.
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  10. [IMG]

    Enjoy :troll
  11. So now Batman is getting a piece of Felicity?
  12. So is her hero name, "DAT ASS"
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  13. Well, the idea of time traveling to get the spear before it was destroyed was interesting, but it made me realize a plothole. Didn't Rip and the Justice Society find and break the spear some time in the 1940s before time traveling with the pieces? They took it from the Nazis. So there should have been a version of the spear that was whole from the crucifixion until WWII? So how come the Legends or the Legion never tried to get that version? They can time travel. It's not like Rip took the spear from a time shortly after the crucifixion. There's a lot of time where a version of the unbroken spear should have existed and could have easily been acquired.

    Also, I'm really tired of bad guys letting the heroes live just to torture them. You'd think they'd learn. Plus it's a lazy way to make the heroes live so they can save the day later and it makes these guys just look incompetent. It's not like in Flash, where Thawn and Zolomon needed Barry for their plans or Prometheus in Arrow whose only goal is to psychologically torture Oliver. Thawn letting the Legends live when he doesn't need them is just stupid.

    On the plus side, it was awesome to see Felicity break her leg while failing to be a heroine and then getting her neck snapped. That was very satisfying.
  14. This was pure fanservice for me. I loved that moment.
    The legion should have just killed the legends. As simple as that.
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  15. Gideon gettin' an attitude...I like it.
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  16. It doesn't make sense to go back to 1916. Reality was changed, meaning their version of 1916 doesn't exist anymore.
  17. Despite spear of destiny being all divine reality changing and sterf, it is not completely divine. Meaning atleast some aspect of 'non-divine' things can't be messed up. That event may be one of them.
  18. Not necessarily. From the looks of things the Legion only changed stuff in the present. Thawne presumably to fully come back to life and to trap the black flash, Darhk to have his magic intact and to become the mayor of star city, Merlyn to have his wife and son live and Thea not hating him anymore and ridding himself of Nyssa and finally for Mick and Snart to basically own central city. So i don't think they changed anything as far back as 1916 meaning that the past may very well be intact and relatively the same. The oldest event that was changed is Merlyn's wife dying.
    All in all this was bad planning on the part of the Legion. They had a tool that could rewrite reality but they thought too small.
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  19. [IMG]
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  20. I just realized another problem with all this. What's up with Thawn's version of reality? Here he set himself up in charge of STAR Labs in 2017, but this doesn't seem like the Thawn I remember from Flash. In Flash, he seemed to hate the present time period and was all about getting back to the future. With the ability to alter reality, I'd think that he'd get rid of Black Flash, get rid of Barry, and then return to the future. Here he stays in 2017 and he doesn't seem to care about Barry. Darhk having the Flash mask in his collection implies that Darhk was the one to take out Barry. This reality just doesn't seem like something that the Thawn from Flash would come up with. I mean Thawn was running STAR Labs when he pretended to be Wells and was obsessed with leaving to his original time and yet he goes back to that once he has a reality-warping artifact? What the fuck?

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