1. Yes I know... everyone being mad at Barry. Makes no sense, people don't just stop to think about one change here can still ripple into a big effect in the end. All he did was stopping his mother from dying from someone from the future... Really he stopped the freaking paradox of her murder.
  2. And if they have come to expect such behavior from time pirates and thawne, but not from Barry, who is supposed to be hero and know better and such, who decides the universe owes him one and he is cashing in?
  3. I enjoyed this crossover episode the best. I had no idea that girl in the yellow was Vixen until I seen the elephant spirit. I'm glad the crossover is over now.
  4. She is actually the vixen from the past, not the present day one that appeared in Arrow and has her own animated series.
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  5. How true, but I was more referring to the Dominators. Supposedly, they attacked because of Flashpoint and we even willing to leave for Barry turning himself in. But they apparently don't give a shit about Thawn or time pirates messing with time far worse than what Barry did.
  6. So now Merlyn has joined with Thawne and Darhk. Quite the legion of doom they are forming.
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  7. Fixed. I lost count as to how many times everyone should have died from bullets tonight lol. Ridiculous.
  8. What I don't understand is if Thawn wants the Spear of Destiny, why doesn't he just time travel back to Jerusalem 2000 years ago and just steal the spear after Jesus' crucifixion? And with his speed he could easily do without anyone even noticing.

    As for the episode, I wonder if Cold isn't really a hallucination, but the real thing. I heard Cold was supposed to be part of the Legion of Doom. On the other hand, such hallucinations have happened before, like on Arrow when Diggle had hallucinations of Deadshot.

    I wonder what's up with the ending? So Rip became an American movie director in the 1960s and is making a movie about himself? What the hell is up with that?

    As for the bullets, it's true that's it's laughable how many times people didn't get hit, but this is a comic book world, so this should come as no surprise. The "Imperial Stromtrooper Marksmanship Academy" trope is almost always in effect.
  9. If we go by the Bible, God was also 'a lot more active' 2000 years ago. While it might be awesome to see Jesus bitchsmack's speed, the reprecussions of 2k years ago would be a lot more than the controlled instances of time travel he is doing right now.
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  10. I'm surprised Thawn thinks torture will work. I can understand Malcolm and Darhk thinking Rip is faking and resorting to torture, but scientific genius Eobard should realize what happened and have a more scientific method to unscramble Rip's memories.
  11. Well he 'channeled' the first piece into that movie script. Maybe the 'jogging' the memory would be other 'works' he has done to hide the pieces?
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  12. Really good episode. How Thawne, Merlyn and Darkh acted was hilarious. Also did they just trap Black Flash, aka death of the speedsters, in a vault? And now we know why Thawne wants the spear of destiny.
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  13. Did death look like a Barry Corpse?
  14. This was easily the best episode of Legends yet. I wasn't expecting Black Flash; that was a great surprise. I just figured he'd start to disintegrate like the other Thawn did when Eddie died, but that was a nice twist.

    At first I wondered why Thawn didn't just phase through the walls when they trapped him, but when they trapped Black Flash, an energy field stopped him from escaping right before the door closed. Since it's 2025, I guess the vault has future tech that can prevent a speedster from phasing through.

    In any case, it's nice to finally know what Thawn's plan is.

    On another note, I wonder how long Rip will stay brain-washed? I doubt it will be longer than 1-2 episodes, but it could be interesting if he was a villain for longer.

    Overall, this was a great episode and for those who don't regularly watch Legends but do watch Flash, I'd recommend they at least watch this episode.
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  15. Looks like Rip hunter will return, but his motives etc. are probably gonna be messed with by thawne so that Rip can be on their side. Also, there's that temptation about using spear to return his family back to life.
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  16. I liked evil Rip. Nothing held back. The weakest part of the episode was Amaya and Nate. Did they really have to bang while their friends were facing imminent death?
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  17. I agree them having sex was a poor choice, you would think that with Sara shot and Mick captured they would stay on mission.
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  18. that would be me, maybe I'll check this out.
  19. Just to be clear, it was just that episode I'd recommend. Most of the rest still sucked for the most part.
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  20. Why the fuck would the legends believe that locking up Rip in his own ship was a good idea? They should have already revoked his access with Gideon.
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