1. Dunno. That is way past in the future than we have seen in the Flash newspaper. Barry must be close to 60 by then. Maybe he was warning Rip that Reverse Flash was tearing up the timeline?
  2. The whole samurai ep was so cringy. I mean the writing was so terrible I changed the channel. Except for Flash I have pretty much given up on the dc shows. Cannot wait for The Defenders and Dr. Strange was awesome. Go Marvel I guess. Thor Strange scene ftw.
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  3. I thought it might have something to do with Reverse Flash, but there's got to more to it. I mean Barry didn't want the team to know, Rip hid not only the message but the entire room the message was kept in, and Jax and Stein are hiding it from the others. The only thing I can think of is maybe something bad is supposed to happen to the team (like everyone dying or something). Don't see any reason to hide Reverse Flash from the team.
  4. Or barry's sex with timelines was so much that the timestream area that would normally be unaffected by changes in timeline, actually will be affected and result in BIG implications.
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  5. Well, at least this episode revealed that the message is about a coming war. For a moment there, I thought they'd reveal the whole message already, but they cut it off after revealing only a little more. I thought that was a nice move. Perhaps they'll just reveal the message part by part throughout future episodes instead of the whole thing at once?

    Thawn and Darhk are likely behind it, but I'm really curious what their endgame for all this is.
  6. I read somewhere that Legion of Doom is going to be making an appearance this season comprised of Darhk, Thawne, Merlyn and Cold so maybe its them that is fighting this war.
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  7. Cold? I'm assuming that he's from a time period before he was recruited for the team. That would be interesting to see. I wonder how he and the team would interact?
  8. Well, that was stupid of Sara to inform Darhk about his future like that. Even with only incomplete information, she had to know that Darhk could potentially change the future with that info and avoid his fate.

    Also, I'm annoyed by all the talk about changing history for the "better". The Legends really need to meet up with Barry so he can tell about Flashpoint. Just like how Jay had that talk with Barry, I think it would be nice for Barry to give a similar talk to the Legends.
  9. I agree that giving Darhk that information wasn't the brightest thing to do. But that was a plot point. He wasn't fully keen on partnering up with Thawne until he got the proper motivation. I wonder what Thawne is building though that would require him to collect knick knacks from all over history. I liked seeing Obsidian again. I'm a big sucker for anything related to dark/shadow powers.
  10. I'm positive the war has to do with the upcoming crossover episode with the dominators being the main villains.
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  11. Oh shit i had forgotten that legends are also involved in the crossover.
  12. This show is moving to Tuesday nights starting in January.
  13. So, it will be right after Flash?
  14. Yes
  15. I'll bet that the visions Stein has been having are of a daughter he didn't have before but now has because of the timeline changes.

    Also, with the crossover coming up, Flashpoint better get a big mention with the Legends crew learning what could happen when one screws with time. Also, once Barry and the Legends compare notes, they should figure out real quick that the speedster working with Darhk and causing the aberrations is Thawn.
  16. That was a great episode for finale of the crossover. It made sure to give the highlight to the Legends members but at the same time focus on the story of the crossover. Sometimes you forget just how powerful Barry really is when he is just running around in central city fighting some rogues. And then you get an episode like this which brings to notice that Barry actually affected the entire universe. But that was just an excuse for the Dominators to attack. But now their reason is fully revealed I'd say they are small fish in the universe in terms of power.
    I'm also glad that everyone being made at Barry has stopped. To be honest the Legends had no right to be mad at Barry in the first place as they are constantly altering the timeline. And speaking of altered timeline I'm still not entirely convinced that its completely Barry's fault that the new timeline after flashpoint is different from the one before. I think its mostly Thawne's fault and I think he used that opportunity to change things into his favor.
    Finally I don't think there could have been a better way to end the episode and the crossover as a whole, Barry and Ollie getting a couple of drinks.
    PS: funny joke from Ray about Kara, would that be considered as a meta joke?
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  17. I did like the the joke. It's interesting that there are essentially NO other superheroes on Kara's Earth though. The Bat is always so elusive because we all know that they avoid Batman TV shows (adult Bruce).
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  18. I think there was a mention of Bats in Supergirl
    I find it weird she said "once". Maybe the rest of the heroes along with batman died out. Or maybe Superman finally got fed up with Batman and killed him.
  19. Well, considering that he's been running changing things in several different time periods in Legends, it wouldn't surprise me if he was responsible for the timeline changes.

    In a way, I find it pretty funny how the Dominators and everyone else are so pissed at Barry for changing time, but apparently don't give a shit about Thawn changing things a shit load of times. Maybe they don't about him, but that wouldn't make sense as they knew about Flashpoint. And of course, they apparently don't give a shit about the time pirates that change things in the Legends show. It's like everyone's mad at Barry for changing time, but he's hardly the only time traveler around changing things.
  20. Lets just be honest shall we? they don't give a crap unless their personal lives are being affected or god forbid the history of US is somehow screwed. Barry had the bad luck of changing the lives of the people around him. Its not like a drastic change either. These were changes that could have happened in the original timeline but didn't. Caitlyn getting powers could have happened in the other timeline as well. Diggle getting a son instead of a daughter is a 50/50 thing. Dante would have died in any timeline as everyone dies at some point.
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