1. There were some things I didn't like, such as Fish being back (I was hoping Penguin would kill her again), Strange somehow surviving Freeze's and Firefly's attacks relatively unharmed, and no one being more suspicious of Clayface as the fake Gordon (I get that the truth wouldn't possibly occur to Bullock at that point, but you'd think they'd at least suspect that maybe "Gordon" was drugged or something).

    I still enjoyed the episode a lot though. Especially the ending with all the villains on the loose. And I'm guessing that was Lincoln March/Thomas Wayne Jr at the end. I'm really looking forward to next season.
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  2. yes loving the show as always and yeah I didn't like a few things you mentioned but man firefly and freeze look awesome to me for a tv show and I would top 5 of any tv baddies or costume in any cb series.

    One of most underrated shows out there. 2nd for me behind flash. Poor supergirl.. a CW move might have revitalized it but the 10pm time slot is a death sentence.

    What is so funny about this show is the liberties they take do not bother me at all and most of the time I would be annoyed.. but this show for whatever reason has been cool to me with no Bats which was never meant to be the focus anyway.

    Lots of villains we know with no Bats present and liberties with the stories from comic books. I just don't care. The story telling, the actors and how the baddies have been portrayed and look are top notch to me.

    Penguin.. that guy is the shit looks and acting skills but seriously freeze looked badass. Oh and the riddler has come along really nicely. If you guys can get past the .. this isn't the comic books and not Batman .. bullshit you would appreciate the show.. you're missing out for those who aren't watching.
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  3. Gotham premiered second season , still watching it.. Bruce already scaring court of owls.

    -edit- Done watching the episode. Get to watching the episode!!!
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  4. Love Gotham.. I could care less about the old gripe that Batman isn't in it and the villains are. Penguin yet again is so awesome..the actor that is.

    I can't wait to see the grown up Ivy. The killing in this show is so much better than anything CW brings with it's DC shows.
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  5. Gotham and Freakytown are getting acquainted again..

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