1. I dont understand your gripe with giving him an origin. Sure I cant think of, if they even did make him an origin in any of the comic-verses or cartoons and such, but I think it adds to the rogues gallery of villains they can bring in when they want to, as well, they couldnt have just brought the Joker in as the Joker yet, and having such an interesting psychopath on the cast makes for fun TV in my opinion.

    I am just wondering what direction they are going to take Gotham. As much as I love it how it is, following Gordon and Bruce back in their early days, I really wanna see how it would pan out into Batman stories. I am pissed that I dont get to see the future of this universe, with Batman, Joker, Penguin, and all the villains in their full glory.
  2. i could be off-base, but i'm guessing he's just not feeling the fact that they made up an anti-climactic origin for a character who has been out for about 50 yrs without having an origin story. when i finally hear about jokers origin, i kinda want it to be epic like wolverine: origin was.
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  3. I swear I actually just read somewhere that they either JUST did or are doing a Joker origin in the comics.
  4. its not that he doesnt have an origin story but its that there are multiple versions of it and there is no definitive one. It is one of the many things that make the joker the best villain in the batman franchise. He is the one whom batman cant figure out. In the killing joke he was duped by some mobsters into wearing the red hood costume and he jumps into a vat of chemicals, but in the same book he admits he doesnt remember what made him into the joker and also how he likes to have multiple choices when it comes to the origin. More recently in zero year we see the leader of the red hood gang fall into the vat of chemicals. And currently in End game they are trying to convince us that joker is more than a man and in fact maybe an immortal who has lived since the beginning of gotham city.
    So you can kinda see why i didnt like it that much when they gave joker a face and a name. But this is all assuming that Jerome is definitively the Joker.
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  5. yeah sorry, i guess i mis-spoke. i meant that there isnt a definitive origin for joker.
  6. I too have been at odds with Joker being presented like this but ya know.. I gotta be honest this isn't a bad start. They have handled everything really well and with all the comic guys they have on board this show or at least for consultation I think we are in good hands. Penguin has been fucking fantastic though.. hell even Devito praised him lol. I loved that first interaction between Enigma and Penguin. It just seems like one of the coolest parts of this show.. the anticipation of those two baddies coming into their own.

    I'm not really sure what to make of the Red Hood story tonight. So yeah wasn't Joker the original? Joker's story is different in this universe so I guess we are getting a RH origin story that doesn't involve him? Will the Joker kid have some relation to them tonight and do we get to see him again?

    I'm kinda glad we're not seeing the same ole origin stories for the 1000th time. I'd say if there is someone who's history you can muck with it would be Jokers. I mean let's be honest.. how many non comic fans really know shit about his past. Batman.. they know his parents were killed. I am conflicted with them showing the Joker already though. I'd expect him to go away for the time being and we won't see him again anytime soon.

    He would definitely overshadow everyone else. I think before he becomes the Joker we'll eventually see him as taking up the Red Hood mantle and he'll go by that until we get some major episode reveal of the Joker in all his glory.. if ratings stay true I'd say S3 but to me that is comparable to seeing Clark don the Supes cape in Smallville. So I personally want to see him until a timeskip and he's older and obviously the same with Bruce.. so that's to me that's a series ending type thing.

    Until then I'd expect him to be RH eventually and that's how we get to see him. Still wasn't Joker RH when he was older and faced Bats. Continuity crap will drive you mad in TV sometimes.
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  7. interesting take on the red hood. heres hoping we see more of red hood in the future.
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  8. Damnit Leroy that's all you have to reply to my post? lol. Lame. I have more respect for you to just post that.
  9. i'll be honest bro. I didnt read your post :p
    I didnt say much because im still waiting for RH to develop. They are obviously taking clues from the comics, past and present, and making RH leader aka Red Hood One interchangeable. But yeah i agree with you on the theory that the person who becomes Joker, be it Jerome, will don the Red Hood at some point before turning full Joker. But that is far in the future. That should coincide with the period when bruce makes his return from training and his first year donning the costume. Fun fact: The end of falcone's reign and the fall of RH leads to a vacuum which Penguin will fill with his empire essentially becoming the new leader of the criminal underworld.
    As for Joker's origin i have already said my piece.
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  10. Some spoilers below:

    next week we get the bat cave already
    They better do a timeskip for S2.

    This follow up to last weeks ep with the ogre is really good. I had some doubts lately about Gotham but this picked things back up. It isn't over yet but for the first 20mins they have done a really good job going from one villian to another adding in some important Bruce story with his dad's business.

    The acting is really really good in this series. It's easy to overlook just how good gotham is if the pace isn't going your way. wow.. I just sounded like some cheesy ign.com employee.

    lmao at Bruce showing up Gordon's ex wife via the mass gifts he sent Selina.
    The line that Bats won't cross was officially stated between him and Selina and we finally get the villain Riddler.
    Also the Ogre's dad.. that actor is so awesome. Wish I could remember what classic flick I saw him in. Riddler's car was pretty sweet. Doesn't he have one like that in the comics or the old bats tv show?
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  11. Enjoyed this ep a lot. First The Ogre could have his own series on netflix or something.. that actor did a damn good job as the Ogre and as a serial killer. The mind fuck he put on Barbara.

    That club scene that was matrix on roids was funny at the end. Poor pig.. They covered a lot from Bruce and his fathers company to a nice job by the actor playing L. Fox. The Riddler is kinda boring to me but Penguin is really holding his own as a villain up and coming into what we know him as.

    The series finale looks to be good with.. the bat cave? Enjoyed this much more than Arrow lately but it's back and forth with Flash leading the way.

    ..speaking of which the revelation by Whedon today on Agents of Shield.. Why would he reveal that now and I'm sorry but that's kind of lame.
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  12. I wasn't really fond of the season finale.

    Wasn't fond of Fish's and Selina's new looks. Also, didn't like how she just showed up with no explanation behind what happened since we last saw her where she was shot in the stomach. So what was the point of that? Also, not really feeling how Selina just joined Fish and seemed so loyal just because she thought Fish looked cool. What was the point of that? I could buy if Selina joined Fish because she needed her for something or to gain something.

    Also, what the hell was up with Falcone just up and retiring. I remember not too long how he was resolve in reasserting his control to the point he strangled the girl he thought he loved right in front of Fish. After everything, we're supposed to believe that Maroni and Fish taking a few shots at him is enough to get him to give up?

    On the other hand, I did like Maroni getting killed as I wasn't expecting a twist like that. And I also liked psycho Barbara. Hope that's handled well in future episodes.
  13. Couldn't psycfho barbara have been covered in flashbacks in season 2 or something? The constant switching to her lesbo-hitting on the doctor could instead have been used to extend the other more important scenes.
  14. I feel like there are too many of these shows already coming out every week so I haven't watched this yet. Dont they think they are doing too much? I watch daredevil, SHIELD, Arrow, Flash etc already. I hear there are plenty more on the way aswell. Why now? Why push all of this down our throats at once. Why not wait until 2 or 3 go on break to start another 2? So we could at the very least get something to watch when all the shows I mentioned above go on break in a couple weeks.

    I heard this is good but I'll hold off until my current crop of TV shows take a break.
  15. [IMG]
    so this crazy SOB gets it from his mom huh
    but in all seriousness im dropping this show. i gave it a season and it has failed me. sayonara.
  16. Lets see, not counting animated stuff, there's...


    Agents of Shield (renewed)
    Agent Carter (renewed)
    Daredevil (season 2 next year)
    AKA Jessica Jones (comes out this year)
    Luke Cage (comes out next year)
    Iron Fist (comes out next year)
    The Defenders
    A planned AoS spin-off


    Arrow (renewed)
    Flash (renewed)
    Gotham (renewed)
    Supergirl (picked up for season)
    Legends of Tomorrow (Arrow/Flash spin-off)
    #4Hero (the Dial H for Hero project, and is on Machinima.)
    DC's Hero Project (based on Starman from what I heard. And also on Machinima)
    Blackbirds (Teen Titans)
    Static Shock
    And possibly shows for Amped, DMZ, and Scalped.
  17. iZombie is renewed for a second season and is a bloody good show.
  18. Wouldn't know about how good it is since I try to stay away from zombie and vampire stuff.

    But that reminds me. There's also The Walking Dead and its spin-off too from Image.
  19. I think iZombie is a joke... just saying >.>

    Also I don't think Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist is all coming out in the same year... that makes no sense?

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