1. Not exactly sure what Viserion was spittin' HOT FIRE or something else? It didn't look like ice.
  2. Wooo thats the end of the Wall, Night King dragon battles are gonna be amazing next season.

    And the Sansa/Little Finger story line was absolute assss, glad its over

    Looked like some ice fire.
  3. Why was Tyrion looking so hurt outside Dany's door at the end there, did he think he had a chance???[IMG]
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  4. Props to Tyrion for having the balls to face his sister. Glad Littlefinger got his throat slit and my God that scene with the Night King and his undead dragon. There goes the wall. I hear we have to wait more than a year for next season, like October?
  5. Glad Littlefinger's part was over. It looked like blue fire from viserion.
    Why the fuck is Jon named Aegon? His half-brother was Aegon. Did Lyanna somehow know that the other Aegon would be killed and went ahead and prematurely named Jon Aegon?
  6. I dunno, the entire vision from Brunn and the roll out of Jon's origins in this ep seemed kinda underwhelming considering we as the audience have known for awhile between Sam's girl revealing the marriage annulment already and Jon getting cuddly with one of the dragons.
  7. I think it should still be summer 2018, unless they change something
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  8. Tyrion is now 'Lord Hand-zone'.
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  9. I won't say welcome back because I'm sure you're about to piss off again into the shadows but... hello!

    Another great episode and potentially one of the best finales to date.

    I can't be the only person to draw this comparison but I have to share the video. The final scenes reminded me so much of this:

    The camera looking down on an undead army marching through snow with a dragon over head.
  11. @DM - I was trying to figure that out too. I couldn't tell if the breath was hot or if the dragon breath was essentially just using its pressure to bore through the wall.
  12. Frequently I'm in agreement with the What Culture guys and today was no difference when I saw this video. This mirrors my thoughts for the episode:

  13. Something tells me dany just conceived in that cabin.

    You don't continuously harp upon her infertility, have a character comment on the possibility that she read too much into a pronouncement made by a spiteful women, and then have said character engage in coitus....and NOT be foreshadowing a miracle conception.

    Oh and RIP little finger and that beautiful, beautiful wall......welcome to the terrors of open borders westeros.
    Illegal immigrants aint got nothing on the undead.
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  14. Jon gonna get real awkward when he finds out he knocked up his auntie.

    Also, this leads me to believe that if book Aegon isn't a pretender then his claim will invalidate due to Rhaegar annuling his marriage to his mother and remarrying Lyanna.
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  15. You mongolians wall coming down!!

  16. Thank God someone mentioned this.. I get they said something along the lines of siblings marrying to keep the dragon blood pure

    But damn.. We've looked down on cersei for years for the same thing
  17. I heard they'll start filming 2 months later than they've usually started. So it's plausible.
  18. @Vicious - I hate you for posting a clickbait link. I hate myself more for clicking on it.

    For everyone else - the marching formation of the white walkers breaking through the wall could be interpreted/seen as the Stark sigil, facing left.

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  19. oh so we not gonna talk about Jon and Samwell abandoning the Nights Watch because it was convenient to the story huh?

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