1. Ice dragon? Because he sure as shit can't breathe fire. And I didn't know ravens and dragons could teleport. Seriously, geography has no meaning.

    Also...see, no kids.
  2. Does her not being able to have kids have something to do with the dragons?
  3. It has to do with that witch she trusted back when Drogo died and she lost her baby.

    Also...Arya got a bad memory:

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  4. Not really, the dragons represent symbolic surrogates for dany because of her infertility that was caused by her dabbling in blood magic with the maegi mirr maz durr ( that she quickly burned at the stake afterwards.)

    And as I postulated a couple of weeks ago, her so called "Infertility" wouldn't really be a hard plothole to fill when you factor in real world corollaries of inexplicable conceptions. The show takes place within a vacuum of fantasy and outright impossibility, but the characters of course retain an element of realism, and it wouldn't take a great leap of fath or stretch of credulity to accept dany spontaneously conceiving, especially considering the ambiguous nature of the prophecy uttered by a dying vengeful women about her womb never again quickening.

    As to the episode, FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC.

    There's definitely no question now that they are setting up an eventual union between jon and dany. And if the dragon that was felled was indeed viserion, that leaves open the possibility of jon possibly mounting rhaegal.....his fathers namesake.
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  5. Alot of interesting fan theories goin about right now, chief among them that the Night King is Brandon.

    Another even more farfetched theory is that Jon will control and ride the dead dragon since he apparently has acquired the same powers of the Night King, when the Red Lady brought him back to life and he just doesn't know it yet.
  6. WTF @ all those theories. My mind will be blown away if any of those are true.
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  7. I dunno...I like GOT because it doesnt have happy endings
    the "happiest" is Arya just because she is accomplishing pretty much everything she has set out to do

    ...I dont know how this series will end
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  8. The "most plausible" one I've seen (don't trip over that bar) that comes close to Bran being the Night King is essentially Bran goes back in time trying to stop the white walkers and ends up going all the way back to stop the stabbing of the would-be night king in the first place only to find out he's the guy who gets stabbed. I've also heard ones where he's Bran the Builder, the Lord of Light, the guy who made the Mad King mad, etc.

    None of that really makes sense though, at least not to me. Especially in the context of the last episode. Maybe he should have gone and warned Jon that he was about to give the white walkers a zombie dragon if he could do all of that. Or just show up and burn the night king down while he's still transforming. Or any other myriad of possibilities that open up if you allow for Bran to be strong enough to do any of those things.
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  9. I think the theory about Bran being the Night King is the most plausible. I think I remember the Three Eyed Raven foreshadowing this in the books. I really got the feeling the Three Eyed Raven wasn't in fact supporting #TeamLiving #TeamFire.

    Moreover, Bran as the 3ER can see through time as well as warg. I feel the best comparison is the aliens in the movie Arrival; he experiences the concept of time as circular rather than linear. Especially with how Bran fucked up Hodor through the time-warging. That was honestly one of the best plot-points I witnessed in the entire GOT / ASOIF series. It was really trippy. I think because he witnesses so many past events as if he were there himself, the demarcation between the present and the past is slowly deteriorating for him. I think he's slowly losing his consciousness of self. He is not Bran anymore, he is everyone / time itself.

    Honestly, the theory of time being a circular concept like in the movie Arrival is the most compelling to me personally as well.

    As to why he would become the Night King, there's really no telling. Some say he's just going full Dr. Manhattan, uniting all former enemies against that one greater evil... Personally, I don't like that, it's too easy. I only feel that's justified in a setting like Code Geass. Now they played this concept really well in that anime.

    I also feel we're subscribing too much affirmative action to Bran. Most of all, I feel he's a witness / third-party onlooker. The extent to which he can actually intervene or participate in events is limited. The previous 3ER was merged with a fucking tree, locked away in the Land of Always Winter, for fuck's sake. The only thing I see him do is send the occasional raven.
  10. Alot of people are outraged at the fact that Jon bent the knee to Daenerys. After all Jon has been through, all his family has been through, and he is still willing to kneel for someone else? What will the North think?

    When Jon decided to go to Dragonstone to meet Dany alot of the Northers disagreed. He went anyways. Knowing that Dany could have her men behead him or her dragons burn him alive. Jon went there because he put his trust in a total stranger, because he knew it would be the best for his people, for all of their people. Jon said to Dany, "Now I am asking you, to trust in a stranger, because its our best chance."

    When Jon and the gang went north of the wall to catch a wight, they ran into some trouble. They had to send a Raven to call Daenerys for help. Daenerys showed up and saved the day, unfortunately though, not everyone was saved. When Jon wakes up the first thing he sees is Daenerys. Jon knows how much Daenerys cares about her dragons, they are her children. The first thing Jon does is apologize because he understands how heartbroken Dany is. He did not ask about the rest of the guys, he put his focus on Daenerys instead. Why?

    Daenerys is a queen. When Daenerys decided to answer Jons call she did it because she put her trust in a stranger. Well they're not really strangers anymore, but you get the point. Jon is a very good person. He is selfless. He will put the feelings and lives of others before his own. When Jorah refused to take Longclaw from Jon and told him to keep it in his family, Jon was overwhelmed with emotions. I believe these are the moments in which Jon finds happiness for a moment. When someone does something nice for Jon he gets happy but becomes sentimental, because Jon is a very sentimental person, due to the fact that he has grown up thinking he's a bastard.

    When he wakes up he sees Daenerys and realizes that she saved them. Well it was technically Benjen that saved Jon, but Daenerys answered the call nonetheless. She put her trust in him and flew north of the wall to rescue them. Nothing speaks more to Jon than that. When the lords and ladies of the North showed their disagreement with his choices to go to Dragonstone, Jon did not care. He did what he thought was best because he is the King, and he is King for a reason. He understands how hard it is to make those choices. Daenerys did the same for him, so in Jon's eyes Daenerys is selfless, and something he's been longing for, for a very long time. Somebody who shares his vision. He decides to bend the knee and he calls Dany his Queen.

    I believe they will go along with it for a while. Eventually the truth will be revealed and the world will know that Jon is actually the legit son of Rhaegar and Lyanna and he is the rightful heir to the throne. Daenerys is not stupid, she is stubborn and hardheaded at times, but not stupid. I do not think Daenerys will challenge Jon's claim. I think she will accept it. She will accept it because she loves Jon. Most importantly though, she is real. She understands reality. She was willing to admit that her father was cruel and a bad ruler. She apologized to a total stranger for her fathers sins. She does not wish to be like the rulers before her, she wants to break the wheel. If she challenges Jon's claim, she will be no better than the rulers before her.

    Daenerys will bend the knee and label Jon her King. In return, Jon will accept her as his Queen because he loves her. Jon sitting on the Iron Throne with Daenerys by his side will be a Golden Age of peace in Westeros. Long summers full of festivity and happiness await. Thus completing the song of Ice and Fire.

    Until the Night King wakes up again.
  11. Or the white walkers murder everyone and they become one uncaring undead family.
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  12. Most likely.
  13. Somebody refresh my memory( Because I honestly don't follow this stuff as fanatically as some do)
    Ever since the show aired all the way back in 2011 and momentum and popularity steadily grew, finally breaking through the ceiling of geek infatuation into full fledge mainstream phenomenon(honestly, it didn't take but a few years to accomplish this), igniting the rabid machine of prognostication "Eloquently" soliloquized on blogs/twitter/reddit by enthusiasts with way too much time on their hands.......has any of the more wilder conjectures actually come to fruition?

    Now I'll be the first to admit that the concept of de facto time travel integrated into the shows narrative was something I had never anticipated, but I think there's a reason why fans are fans, and screenwriters are screenwriters. You give a fan a patina of possibility revolving around any particular plot element, and they jump off a cliff strapped to a great white shark gleefully screaming at the top their lungs like slim pickens straddling that nuke in Dr. Strangelove.

    Writers tend to be more metered in their approach, and they delivered the hodor revelation perfectly having built a foundation for it that spanned several seasons.

    Bran suddenly being the Night king by some kind of temporal osmosis warging into the body of an original firstman(or andal) settler who was captured thousands of years ago by the children of the forest during their generational conflict, transformed into the first white walker by dragonglass injection to combat the encroachment of the firstmen/andal invasion, but ultimately backfiring culminating in the long night and the near extinction of the human race......fails to compel me when you consider the time paradox it creates.

    What this "Theory" theorizes to happen, has already happened even though it hasn't yet happened, and cannot be prevented from happening otherwise it flips completely on its back. It requires a resolution in which bran travels in time (for some contrived reason) by no later than the last season to set in motion the chain of events that would repeat ad infinitum essentially giving the show no finality or sense of linear purpose. If the night king is the essence of brans future self localized in the present, having undergone some psychological transformation further ensconcing his psyche in nihilism now determined(again inexplicably) to covering the entire world in ice,(For you know, the lulz) and ridding it of all forms of traditional life....then for what reason is he pursuing his younger incarnation so aggressively for? To ensure that happens? To have a nice little chat by using his present ice horned self engineer the circumstances for his Present(but in actuality "Past") crippled emotionally detached self to warg into the distance past, presumably creating some sort of past/present chimera being who would eventually be captured to become the nightking who would then a millennia later chase his uncorrupted past/present/future embodiment to--
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  14. Well the theo
    GRRM has said so himself he had to quit reading fan theories become they became dangerously close to what he had had in mind. Then again, if you don't produce any content within 6 years, the fans are sure to have explored EVERY POSSIBLE PLOTTWIST AND OUTCOME HOLY FUCKING JESUS 6 FUCKING YEARS!


    Also, I spent some time looking for it, but there's a scene where Bran is time-travelling (let's just call it like that) and he's wearing the exact same attire as the Night King is. It's somewhere in season 6.This obviously fuels these kind of theories. Honestly, I think it's fairl

    As a matter of fact, I do have too much time on my hand. I just re-watched season 1, starting on season 2.
  15. The Bran NK theory makes no sense to me no matter how many times I read it.
  16. I feel that if Bran can time travel to make Wylis into Hodor, making the Mad King, mad, and being the Night King are really not off the table at all.
  17. Screen caps please.
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  18. https://youtu.be/6Mr076-xwo4?t=1m57s

    I timed the video. I'd say it's a similar outfit. Yet, the longer you think about it ... it does sees a bit far-fetched...
  19. That's just a common game of thrones style doublet, its the most ubiquitous piece of clothing within the entire show.
    Just about every character has worn one, and it was quite the fashion trend during the middle ages.

    The typical characteristics are the cutoff arms and extended sleeves.

    Younger bran in brown, nearly identical to the one he is wearing now.


    Jon snow in black.


    Tyrion in fancy.


    Tyrion in lannister ostentation.


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