1. What I would give to have that for one night.
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  2. That body is such a waste on a eunuch.
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  3. She is probably the hottest woman on the show period

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  4. No surprise from Dany. She's the most arrogant person on the show now that Joffrey is dead. I loved Varys monolongue about where his loyalties lie. Sure she had it rough but she knows nothing of the true despair that the average person in that world faces. God, I hate her character so much. I do not want her on the iron throne at the end of this. Tyrion on the other hand should have known better.

    As far as Theon goes, I dunno. Some heroic death deed?
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  5. I don't think theon will get any redemption or absolution... Just a cruel cruel death

    ... And I think Arya will be then one to do it
    (only Sansa has forgiven him - no one else knows he saved her)
  6. Arya is gonna get one more major kill...Cersei. I actually hopes she makes it back to Winterfell. The Starks have been separated too long.

    I really want to know how Bran is gonna relay the info that Jon is Rheagar's heir and therefore has a better claim than Dany. Not that he would want it.
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  7. I don't know if this rumor has been confirmed yet, but Jon's real name has been revealed.
    Jaehaerys Targaryen

    Makes sense. I really want Bran to meet Jon.
  8. @Leroy - too bad Jon is conveniently leaving at the same time...

    Since Jon was reborn by the lord of light / in fire (and is part Targ...), should he actually need to fear fire?
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  9. How a little twirl from a woman can change a conversation :)

    There can be still a long time until Bran reaches Winterfell. Bran has to become stronger and fast. He has a large to play in the following fight.

    I don't expect much in the meeting from Danny and Jon. Is not like Targs can recognize each other. Danny will not show him her dragons at once. Jon is after Dragonsglass, might bend the knee for it. If they begin to talk about visions then things will get interesting. They had seen in their visions similar things. Also Bran.

    Theon can go to Danny, meet up with Jon hear that his sister has been cruelly killed, and then get killed by Jon... Or Danny will keep Theon alive as the true heir of the Iron islands and send him to some therapy. The Red priestess has brought back dead people (with some cool new scars)...

    Arya will not kill Theon, he is not on the list. She will kill sir Payne (the beheader of his father) and try to kill Cersei. I expect a fight Arya - Mountain, which she will lose. She will go to find The Hound in order to fight The Mountain together.

    Tyrion was not expecting that Euron will have so many ships and so fast. Few people did, perhaps Cersei.... That is why I had said Euron is overpowered - he is an strong and experimented fighter, good commander, organizer, and with large fleet. Yara had taken (stolen according to Euron) with her the best ships and crews from the Ironborne... When she and Theon went to Danny, they have mentioned that they have the best ships of the islands. Such a fleet as Euron has, had to materialize from somewhere (a writer's ass), smart people in Westeros would had known about it. For sure Varys should had known.

    Danny has other ships from the slavers and can still hire ships from the Free Cities.The ships are not the biggest loss. What is?
    The attack of the capital using Westerosi troops because it depended heavily on Dornish being ferried with the ships of Yara (a Westerosi). The Dornish troops might not come, if Cersei is smart about this. If Cersei is not taken over by desire for vengeance, she will hold Elaria hostage after killing the Sexy Sand Daughter (don't know the character won't bother to search for it). Yara is pretty much useless now as Theon She will end up dead in the next episodes. Perhaps a motivator Danny to stop tiptoeing.

    Perhaps the huge balista of Qyburnwill kill one or two dragons not Drogon.
  10. Theon will probably save his sister. I don't think he's beyond redemption. Retreating to live another day was the smartest thing to do at that point. No way he could've beaten his uncle in a 1v1.
  11. @Thunderbox is there something about Euron that the people who read the books know? As a show-watcher only, Euron just showed up out of nowhere, whereas Theon was raised by the Starks and thus had all of the military training.
  12. Euron is much darker and far more sinister in the books. He also lead the rebellion of the Greyjoy's (he talked about it in the first episode of the new season), so he definitely has combat experience, if that's what you're wondering. Theon is much weaker in terms of mental and physical strength compared to a sea- and battle-hardened veteran like Euron. Euron eats guys like Theon for breakfast and fucks their mom for lunch.
    He's also a master sea captain, hunting down ships for years during his exile, so it's really not that surprising he managed to sneak up on Theon's sister's fleet.

  13. The Euron dynamic is also very different in the books due to one more uncle being written out of the show, The Angriest Man in Westeros, Victarion Greyjoy.
  14. Really? Dany?.

    In just four episode appearances, Euron greyjoy despite being persona non grata for a number of years, swooped in from parts unknown to appropriate the driftwood crown, anointing himself king of the Iron Islands by massaging the ironborn's predilections towards machismo and strongman rhetoric, walked into kings landing like he owned the place to parley with an equally egocentric monarch while (amusingly) insulting her more estimable counterpart right in front of him and proclaiming he shall bestow a marvelous gift upon the queen(The tried and true method of all opportunistic weasels who wish to ensconce themselves into further avenues of power), and then proceeded to carry out that promise in ruthless grandiloquent fashion( great, great scene).

    Dany has at least earned her station through putting in the requisite time and work by learning the difficulties and various pitfalls of becoming a queen simultaneously worshipped and opposed by countless low and highborns, seeing that sword of Damocles hanging over her head every hour of the day and falling victim to the classic character flaw that plagues most of the Nouveau riche: Hubris and naivete.

    She comports herself as someone who over the span of 7 seasons has payed her due's through various personal trials, internal and external conflicts, and her current personality is a manifestation of the character evolution from helpless orphan prostituted into a marriage of convenience into a formidable adversary who wields the greatest triumvirate of power and might that exists on either continent.

    Eur-nopatch-on greyjoy simply walked into frame, payed the iron price, killed a few dornishmen and woman, and by virtue of deus ex machine became a relevant character with little to any dynamism or conceptualized structure.

    He's practically a self referencing parody, a character of great conceit written to be the embodiment of the type of composition you'd read in a penny dreadful, which could be enjoyable but hardly stimulating.

    Dany's an imperfect brat, but miles ahead of some of the more flamboyant ancillary characters.
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  15. That's why I always love to read your posts.
  16. Meh...I don't even think about Euron. My dislike of Dany has been developing for years. I've mentioned this before but Dany (nobody tells her either) still thinks she's owed something. She is owed nothing. Aegon took 7 kingdoms away from Kings and created one 300 years ago. Her brother made a mistake, their father handled it very badly, a war started and the kingdom was taken from them. The same thing happened to them that happened to the Kings from 300 years ago.
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  17. She lacks some humility that's true, and she has an air of entitlement about her(something that appears genetically written into Targaryen and lannister chromosomes), but she's has none of the psychosis of her father, or the snobbishness of her brother viserys. Had she'd known rhaegar, maybe some of his humble stoicism might of rubbed off on her.
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  18. That was a good episode this week. I was flipping the bird at Dany during her first encounter with Jon. Jon definitely came out as a better person even though not a better ruler during that. Thank god for Tyrion to mellow out Dany. And how is she still not believing in an army of the dead after the things she has personally seen? And hello? Freaking DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!
    And speaking of people who are not good with conversations Bran, how fucking hard could it have been to explain what you know and how you know it? I mean let Sansa believe it or not but you weren't even trying.
    The battles at the end were just a prelude so I'm not mad that they didn't show much of them. Cersei managed to outmaneuver Tyrion? Or maybe it was Cersei and Jaime? He did say he used the strategy that Robb used on him.
    Also its so like the queen of thorns to go out with the last word. Lol.
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  19. Well, Bran is at Winterfell now so he's there for when Jon gets back. I guess Dany needs to start thinking about finding riders for her dragons. If she is the only person that can direct them then they can't really be used. Aegon had Balerion while his sisters' had the other two.
  20. Can't Bran just grab Sansa by the hand and explain telepathically?

    Also I think Bran should be able to control the dragons by entering their minds?

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