1. Decent first ep, could've done without Sam's shit montage though
  2. Haha, that's the true life of a scholar. Can confirm.

    Really nice episode. I appreciated they spent a little time on everyone, so the stage is set. Even poor Jorah got a last farewell, condemned to quarantine until his last breath.

    Also, who where that dead father and daughter Clegane buried? Were they the ones that we saw during the recap at the beginning of the episode?

    edit: yeah, I looked it up. Fucking Clegane...
  3. That opening scene was pure SEX!!! Maisie's over 18, so I don't feel quite as awkward as I would saying that now. That was just fucking beautiful. Revenge is dish best served cold, and she just served up a whole batch of vichyssoise on ice!!!
  4. I did not enjoy this episode one bit but not for any reason blamed to the show. I decided to watch the ep at my cousins house. I usually go to his house (when he was living at home) but moved to a pretty nice condo. So anyway he bought the Android live and every 10-15 seconds we would get the loading wheel of death and would have to flip back and fourth between channels. We did this for the entire show it was not a good experience at all. Even worse when Sam's part came on. It was like someone going to hell and being strapped in a chair and having to watch Sam's part 10 times in a row.

    That shit montage was fucking disgusting and it didn't help looking away cause you could hear the sound. Also read above as to why it was even worse in my case.
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  5. Cersei and Jamie's conversation reminded me that Dany hasn't seemed to realize that she is in the same predicament. Lady, you can't have kids. Soooo...what, you're just gonna rule until you die and then...?
  6. Pretty good episode. The shit montage went too long. Arya is a badass. I was expecting Bran to reunite with Jon and Sansa but too much to hope for in one episode. Sansa brings up some valid points but I see the POV of Jon as well. Everything other than the Night King and the armies of the wights is teensy. It was great to see Dany land on Dragonstone. I like how she went immediately to the war room instead of sitting on the throne. I like that the Hound saw the message about the wall. Anybody who watched the trailer knows that Beric Dondarion plays a big role in this season. And Martin dropped a hint during an interview. I'll put a spoiler alert just in case.

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  7. Okay I must of forgot about this, when was this explained?
  8. In all honesty, it really hasn't.
    DM is running with a common assumption based around cryptic prognostications from certain characters within the book, notably the maegi from book one who implied by way of prophetically vague language that her miscarriage (which was caused by her dabbling in blood magic) made the possibility of mothering a living child as unlikely as ever seeing drogo again.(something about seeing him again when the womb quickens)

    The basic idea (essentially) is that the faustian bargain Dany struck with mirri maz durr to use forbidden magic to prolong drogo's life, cost more than just her first born and the purity of drogo's soul, but also her ability to reproduce.

    But as mentioned, this was never explicitly stated and its best to keep in mind that there are striking differences between the book narratives and show now that the former has surpassed the later, and there's plenty of ways to reasonably contrive a solution to the apparent incongruity.

    In fact, I would go a step further and suggest that it wouldn't be contradicting previously established convention if she ever conceived and gave birth again in the books considering the ambiguity of the subject and the nature of the world the characters live in. This is the world of Ice and fire, where at the very outset of the series it was believed impossible that dragons would ever again pierce the skies, and beings who resurrected the dead and commanded winter itself would walk the land.

    There was even a scene omitted from the show when she visited the house of the undying(pretty much everything was omitted actually) that hinted at a possible future birth(although admittedly I must recognize some theorize this to be a vision of an alternative future) so its really not out of the realm of possibility. There seems to be no indication that she is infertile, but simply that her womb was compromised by the stillbirth so severely that bringing a child to term seems remote.
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  9. If you skip to 30:49 I love Brendans reaction. Bruan so casually spoils the fuck out of it. Hopefully Brendan doesn't let Bryan talk about it too much and he forgets anything he's told. I enjoyed the reaction though.
  10. Euron fuckin shit up lol

    But damn that moment Theon reverted to Reek..

  11. Overall a really strong episode. Liked all the scenes, especially how Samwell's loyalty to Mormont and the Night's Watch overcame his fear for punishment / getting caught.

    Whom was Jaime talking to? The man was a Tarly, was that Samwell's father or just the head of main branch of the family?

    Eyebrow game on point by the ladies. Too bad all the Dornish women just up and died so instantly.
  12. But next week though? Aunt and Nephew, Fire and Ice. Thats gonna be a hell of a meeting.
  13. Yea that was Sam's father, we met him last season when he went south with Gilly and then took his family's Valiyrian sword as he was leaving for the Shitadel........sorry Citadel
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  14. They sucked anyway. They really fucked up the Dornish in the TV show.

    So we all know that Jon isn't going to bend the knee. What is Dany gonna do? Kill him? That won't go very well with joining the Seven Kingdoms. Plus with Melisandre there she will meddle in some way as well. Personally, I want to see an up close and personal interaction with Jon and the dragons. Just to see if my theory about them somehow recognizing Jon's blood as being related to Dany and thus they accept him.
  15. In the book, there's still a Targaryan left and he tries to approach the dragons, but they burn him. He's one of the two children the Mountain slew when the Red Keep fell. So... the son of the sister of Obery "You raped her. You killed her children" Martell. Apparently, they changed him with a farmer boy or whatever, and so him and his supporters try to approach the dragons when they're still imprisoned by Danny in... that Slave City (Mereen?). I just realised they left that huge part out, but yeah... I don't think your theory is going to hold up. Based on old stories from Targaryan nobility and their dragons, they only listen to their "owner".
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  16. Isn' t Euron a little too powerful? He destroyed the Sand sisters, the crew and Yara with only some scratches on him.

    Theon is not a good fighter. He would had been killed by Euron It was a no win situation for him.

    Cersei will cruelly torture the remaining Sands.

    Hope that Davos makes the trip to Dragonstone and back... Littlefinger will have some surprise for him and Jon Snow.
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  17. You're talking about Quentyn Martell. He is the nephew of Oberyn and the son of Doran. He is the one that got burned. Yes, the Martell's do have some Targaryen blood in them (like the Baratheons do) but that didn't work out for him. The Targaryen boy you are talking about is Aegon and he is still very much alive in the books and would be Jon's older half brother if he is who he says he is.

    I would look at Jon being accepted by the Dragons as more of a prophecy type thing more than anything else. Where it is because of the role he will play in the battle ahead
  18. unrelated

    aka Nathalie Emmanuel
    confirmed to have some of the nicest boobies on the show though :oops: my god such a beautiful woman!
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  19. I know...my GAWD!

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  20. So at this point, what's left for Theon? He doesn't really have anywhere to go. The only place that might take him is Winterfell, but the north supposedly remembers so they're not going to be excited to see him back after what he did. Does he die out in the cold? At sea? Eaten by wolves (nice dodge, Arya)? I don't really see any narrative for him at this point. Do he and Olenna hang out after the white walkers invade and live like cockroaches?

    I'm more curious how Dany or Tyrion didn't see this coming... they know that Theon and Yara are essentially on the run with stolen ships, right?

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