1. Wait what!? After her first born kid that died during or before birth (can't remember) I thought that for sure she would get pregnant again in the future. When/where is it said that she can't have kids anymore?
  2. It was said when due to the ceremoney that killed the baby, she was told 1 of the effects was that she couldn't have children or rather heavily implied she couldnt bear any living children, which is 1 of the main reasons she treated her dragons like the children she would never have. I dont think it was made a big thing of in the show and can't remember exactly from the book but after the miscarrage she never bled again that is until the end of ADWD, just before she meets the Dothraki again
  3. Proof is with Bran. I thought about that and he would literally have to take her by the hand and show her the past. I really wish they would make Bran walk it annoys the hell out of me. He has the most h4x ability in the show and is freaking crippled.
  4. Now we just have to see if Jon is a targaryen bastard. He is pretty much legitimized as a Stark in the north being the King in the North through majority vote and being chosen as successor by Robb. But he is still a targaryen bastard unless Rhaegar married Lyanna, which is highly possible since its common for targaryens to take multiple wives. As long as he is bastard his claim to the iron throne would rank below Dany. (unless a bastard son of the elder prince has more claim than the younger princess)
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  5. Somebody needs to find those handmadiens. Maybe they have something.
  6. Unless their union was anointed under the light of the seven(doubtful) then Jon's claim is still trumped by dany's. She's legitimate, and the only living child of Aerys.

    Who knows, maybe lyanna and rhaegar upon embarking on their little tryst, took a detour to the westeros equivalent of Las vegas, and got married by a drunk septon dressed up as a white walker.
    "I Now pronounce you man and wife, winter is coming so hurry the fuck up and consummate the marriage we're gonna need that kid!!"
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  7. A very well done Jon Snow video.
    Dammit, I know there is a high chance that he may not come out alive at the end of the series but he is a damn good character. The only two people that top him in my book is Dany and Tyrion. Dany solely because of her dragons and Tyrion because he is the god of tits and wine.
  8. Jon will survive this or do one of those saves everyone and dies things.

    Anyone else think that the ladies of Dorne will get wiped out leaving Dorne with no rulers? I mean they did some pretty heinous shit and typically people always get theirs in the end. They should be no different.
  9. That video gave me goosebumps, holy crap. I might reread the books and re-watch the whole series in a few months.
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  11. fyi Game of Thrones is returning July 16th not in April like always :(
    In case no one here heard the news.

  12. I like the throne on Dragonstone.
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  14. Cersei be fucked in every which way. But the whole of Westeros is gonna be fucked if they don't band together against the white walkers who were surprisingly absent from this trailer.
  15. I am so hyped for this, it's been awhile.

  16. We've waited a while but July is just around the corner, there's less than a month to go.
  17. I just fucking wanked myself so hard my dick turned Valyrian
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  18. All I saw was fighting and battles in this trailer. is season 7 going to be action-packed AF, fuck yeah it is.
  19. Great idea to have someone who can be resurrected over and over again when fighting the white walkers. Jon looked badass in the last shot. Why the hell is he fighting the wildlings again?
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