1. Seeing Ramsey go out like that was beautiful and the Dragon scenes were amazing.
  2. Late post!

    This episode was amazing from star to finish, and it never lost momentum for one second which is so hard to do these days even for a show as captivating as Game of Thrones.

    I nearly scared my fiancé half to death hooping and hollering after the title sequencing ended and the dragonfire started to erupt minutes later, screaming "Now that's how you start a motherfucking episode".

    Ramsey getting his just desserts in the same manner that he tormented countless others was quite poetic, and it was only fitting that sansa would deliver the final "Dagger" so to speak.
    And how about my man Littlefinger, swooping in like a white Knight to save the day.
    It was very reminiscent of the siege of Rohan, if I be permitted to use a fantasy cross reference.

    All that said, I doubt very highly the season finale will be able to match the drama and action of the penultimate episode, and if history of this show is any indication this will be very much by design. The climaxes have(for obvious reasons) always been more memorable than the resolutions ( I.e,Rains of castamere, the watchers on the wall, etc...)

    I'm just hoping that the particular "Resolution" fans have been waiting decades for that GRRM, through sheer ineptitude at releasing a book in a timely manner, has abdicated the responsibility to the showrunners, will finally be revealed.
  3. Brilliant episode ! Man, that first scene of John in the midst of battle, then the scene where he suffocates are awesome !

    A little bit disappointed that the Greyjoys didn't arrive in time to help Meereen before Daenerys attacked. That would have shown their usefulness at sea. Also would have liked the other two dragons to wreak havoc on the ships before Drogon. They conveniently go free at that time, while Tyrion released them from their shackles 7 episodes ago. In the leaked chapters of TWOW, they do, if I remember correctly.

    From the preview, episode 10 should be good too. The Freys are having some sort of party and it seems this is the season of revenge, the trial of Cersei and Loras should happen, the end of book five will be shown, Davos is confronting Melisandre...
  4. I always love to read your take on the plots, dude.

    I also just want to chime in I loved that subplot enormously.I loved the chapters with the Hound and Arya.

    Another favourite plot throughout all books is Brienne and Podrick starting off from Kings's Landing, trying to find Sansa and Arya. On their little adventure, they meet all kinds of people and end up on the Eastern shores of Westeros at some desolated places. The pure desolation and abandonment, the hopelessness of what they're trying to do is so heartbreaking. After she meets the Lady of Stone, it's not that interesting any more; but those chapters were to me the most captivating I read, they hit me straight in my soul.

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  5. The white wolf declared as the new king in the north, mofos he isnt a wolf, he is a bloody dragon. :3:
    Arya, you should have spray painted over the body, "the north remembers".
    Cersei, i truly pity you. You are childless and your reign will be short and sour for the true queen has finally set sail with her giant armada and three motherfucking dragons.
    All hail the dragon queen and the white wolf. Fire and Blood bitches. Targaryen forever.
  6. Fire, Ice and Blood.

    He is the Dragon Wolf?

    Btw, Dany can't have kids so assuming the Seven Kingdoms doesn't go democratic Jon will be the only one capable of having heirs.

    Yes, I have abandoned my TV show ban. I will be rejoining you all now.
  7. Admit it, it is a refreshing change of pace after reading the books isnt it? This season was the season of giving. A lot of major plots that have been in development since the beginning paid off in this season.
    But given that there are two more seasons of the show and not one as i thought are they going to spend one whole season in winter? Do they have enough material to do two seasons?
  8. Ordinarily, had I been in jon's position I would have run out of that dining hall screaming bloody murder at being proclaimed King in the north, considering its pretty much the mark of death.
    But having died once before, I'm sure he was thinking "Meh, whatever".

    And yeah, Screw you George RR martin.

    You're pretty much irrelevant at this point.
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  9. So what did Ned's sister whisper to him other than to protect Jon? How do we know he is Targaryan?
  10. It was long speculated that Rhaegar impregnated Lyanna when she was abducted. She was lying there at her death bed, with a son, which she begged Ned to take care of. She even said "he will kill him if he finds out". Probably reffering to Robert, going mental if he found out Lyanna had a child with The Mad King. Ned probably decided that he was his bastard to cover the truth.
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  11. I think you mean Rhaegar. The mad king was his father aerys.

    And as far as it being an "Abduction", the entirety of westeros, especially house stark and baratheon might have understandably thought that. However, the most common belief held by fans is that rhaegar and lyanna were both equally enamored with each other, an infatuation that marked its inception at the tourney of harrenhal when rhaegar (the joust victor) spurned his wife Elia martell and chose lyanna as the "Queen of beauty and love" presenting her with the garland of blue roses, as was custom at every tournament.

    From what we know of rhaegars personality(much of which we learn from barristan selmy, who I would trust implicitly in giving an objective assessment) it would have been very uncharacteristic of rhaegar to become so infatuated with a woman, that he would outright kidnap her and viciously rape her.

    He was a unique specimen of his geneology.
    Whereas the majority of the targaryan lineage(with one or two other exceptions) was replete with narcissistic tendencies and barbarism, he was exceedingly compassionate while also (almost paradoxically) stoic and very introverted.

    To me, all the evidence is there that they ran away together and eloped, and the state of westeros was forever changed.
    Very Iliad of them I must say.
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  12. Great finale, I want next season now.
  13. Dany isn't going to take kindly to Jon fucking up her shit.Plus, there isn't anyway to prove it. What I suspect is going to happen is her dragons will acknowledge him. It would be HILARIOUS if Drogon spurns her for Jon.

    I still hate her character. Jon really is the best character to lead because he lacks the arrogance of Dany but is still a kind and compassionate person. Jon will also be able to gather the support of Westeros. Dany still plans to threaten her way into ruling a place that she knows nothing about and wants to rule, "cause reasons".

    For the love of god, Bran please send a message to Dany telling her that while her brother was a kind person he also did something really stupid and it is his fault that everything went to shit.
  14. The kidnapping story made no sense to me either. The garland is what set off Robert's Rebellion due to the subsequent actions of King Aerys, not Rhaegar. It made sense to the Rebellion supporters to put Rhaegar in the same boat but those that knew him knew Rhaegar to be nothing like The Mad King. The letter that Pycelle wrote to the Citadel that tensions between the factions of King Aerys and Prince Rhaegar would likely lead to a civil war.
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  15. Rhaegar fucked up by not opposing his father. He could have gathered way more support and while Robert would have been pissed off about it I know that Ned and Jon Arryn would have convinced him.

    Edit: I also want to say that I hate the way the show handled Dorne. Fuck that shit.
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  16. I am curious as to why Bran had to see the tower of joy scene. I rather hope that it was more than just fan service. Would have been nice if they gave us a clue why Bran had to see that.
    Since Benjen brought up the magic spells that prevent the dead from passing through the wall, it must mean that the night king has found/will find a way to break the wall. There are some theories that the night king marking Bran might do the trick. If Bran passes through the wall the magic might unravel leaving a path open to the white walkers.
  17. Lady mormont speaks harshly... But true
  18. So if there are only two seasons left (at the moment) then season 7 will deal with gathering up all the forces and season 8 will be the battle between the dead and the living.

    Season 7 is going to deal mostly with the 3 way squabble that is Dany, Jon and Cersei. Dany and Jon aren't really a squabble. No reason for Dany and Jon not to join forces immediately. Cersei is so very done. Highgarden and Dorne will fight with Dany and then the North has no reason not to join them as well.

    The only real problem I see with Dany and Jon is what happens when everyone knows that Jon is the true Targaryen heir. I still really believe that it will be her dragons that prove Jon is the one. An issue I see with Jon is him rejecting the Targaryen aspect which will probably cause some sort of major drama until he chooses to accept his heritage.

    Also, Jamie is definitely going to pull away from Cersei (FINALLY) next season. Remember that the rest of the prophecy says that "the younger sibling" will be the one to kill her. Jamie is the younger twin and Tyrion is clearly over is hate for his family. He's moved on.

    Tyrion may likely end up Lord of Casterly Rock after all. If Jamie survives all of this he'd probably just give it to his brother anyway.
  19. I should have posted this last week

    From this week

    From last season
  20. @Leroy: Nice videos.

    Man, what a plan Cersei had pulled off. Too bad that Tomen was a spoiled brat about it.

    Arya will become Lady Stoneheart, mark my words.

    Bran had confirmed the favourite theory of GoT fans. But will John make it for the end game... Remember the vision that Bran and Danny had with the throne and the dragon flying over the Red Keep.

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