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  3. Oh Arya you disappoint me.
    All the stark children had their own paths to take. Expectations they had to meet.
    Robb was to die as a sacrifice to show that Ned's way no longer had a place...done
    Sansa was to learn the art of manipulation, treachery and politics from experience and Littlefinger...we are on the fence to see if it worked
    Jon was to be Lord Commander and then somehow to get close to the throne alongside Dany...part one was done well and he could well be on the way to part two
    Bran was to become the new last greenseer and to aid the seven kingdoms against the white walkers...he seems to be on the right path
    Arya was to become a faceless man and go back to westeros to assassinate the rest of her list...massive fail
    Rickon, actually i never gave two shits about him, lets say when all is said and done Winterfell will belong to him...we will see.
  4. As a faceless, Arya would have been a soulless slave. She would have cared nothing for such a list of people to assassinate for that was the desire of one called Arya Stark.

    She learned what she needed to learn. She is now a skilled assassin. She's going solo; outlaw.

    Had she stayed she would have no longer been Arya, which kind of defeats the purpose.
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  5. Has she learned? Really? I thought all she learned is how to fight blind. Unless you are telling me that she has already learned how to change faces I would still call it a massive waste of time. If she had learned all there is to learn and then got away I wouldnt have mind.
  6. If this plays out similarly in the upcoming books, then I believe that martin intentionally sowed this seed by not having arya completely cut ties with her former life, by merely hiding needle rather than fully discarding it. When I recall reading the chapter in which she hides it under the steps of the house of black and white, I thought to myself "She cant really be closing that chapter" and I'm glad she ultimately didn't.

    That sword was the last vestige of her personality, and with her refusal to purge herself entirely of it, she was subtly renouncing the kindly mans dictum and never truly devoted herself to the discipline in the first place.
    I think this was inevitable, and overall more beneficial to her character. Her storyline is too good to be rendered null in void by her admission into a secret guild of assassins, who demand rigid adherence to an esoteric order by wiping the minds of their supplicants clean.
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  7. Finally caught up with this. Khaleesi is a beast, fucking dragon is epic.

    Hodor's death was so shocking. This really felt like reading the books again and reading a massive reveal or plottwist. Kind of like the Red Wedding. Goddamn, reading the Red Wedding, I still remember that day, it was so shocking and impactful, I'm never going to forget that day.

    I'm actually glad they went off book, mingling in stuff that we haven't read already and some of the stuff not yet covered, I really like that because it's refreshing and makes the show in fact interesting again.
  8. I wonder who Sansa was writing to? Liittlefinger is the obvious choice. Best character in this episode was Lady Mormont.
    As for Arya, i thought she would be smarter considering that she felt she had learned enough to run away from the house of black and white. Unless this was all a trick of hers to fool the Waif.
  9. Arya is a mess at the moment, just getting punked so easily like that..

    I loved that Bronn and the Clegans' returns, good to have these 2 bros back. Now bring back Stannis

    Also that verbal beatdown given to Cersei by old lady Olenna was awesome

  10. The last 3 episodes have been quite difficult for me to watch. It's annoying me how quickly I am losing interest in the series.

    Fuck Arya, I was cheering when she was being stabbed even though I expected it to be some kind of dream sequence. Whatever the reason I knew she was going to be fine and that pissed me off.

    I'm not entirely sure why I am being so critical of the series and why so many things are bothering me but perhaps it's because the biggest and most important thing happening in the world at the moment is the arrival and imminent attack of the white walkers. Secondarily there is some non-sense happening around a game of Thrones that was very interesting until the White Walkers made everything else irrelevant. Dani's storyline is interesting but only because she is clearly the key to defeating White Walkers. Just about everything else happening feels like filler.

    Why is the Hound back? He was killed and I enjoyed him being dead. I suspect in the books he remains dead and this is just the TV series needing some kind of screentime filler so they brought him back. I know that we didn't see him die but we also didn't see Stannis die... or Rob Stark. Brienne said she killed Stannis but Arya could have made the same claim about the Hound.

    This program used to have me gripped and really looking forward to the next episode. Now it's become mundane.

    I am being dramatic and I am probably exaggerating my annoyance but is no one else feeling the same way? Has the show not plummeted in quality and relevance in the last few episodes? I haven't read the books but I suspect that if I had I'd be even more put out by it.
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  12. Now that was proper closure to arya's faceless men arc.
  13. Actually, in the books there was a suggestion(subtle though it may be) that he may have survived the wounds inflicted upon him at the inn. Keep in mind that in the original story, he never fought brieanne and that his degenerating health was due mainly to a festering wound he sustained in the aforementioned fight, that became increasingly gangrenous overtime until eventually he was too weak to walk and arya out of spite left him to rot rather than give him the gift of death.

    The interesting part is, we learn the "Supposed" story of the hounds passing from a former knight named elder brother(recounted to Brieanne I should add), who fought in the climatic fight known as the "Battle of the trident" in which rhaegar was slain by Robert baratheon. When he found him, Elder brother claims to have buried him right there on the spot. The reason fans question this, is the metaphorical allusions he appears to draw between himself and the hound. Elder brother claimed to have died at the battle of the trident, and when he awoke on the very island he erected his monastery, he was apparently "Born anew".

    He talks of clegane as having died aswell, and this close juxtaposition (figurative to literal) implies he may be speaking in the same manner.

    Personally, I love this minor subplot. The hound is probably one of my favorite characters in both the books and the show, and like most of martins characters, possesses a duality or moral ambivalence which makes it difficult to classify him in strict black and white terms. We saw it with his interactions with sansa, he showed a tenderness towards her that was wholly uncharacteristic of his visible demeanor and the preconceptions surrounding his past.

    I LOOOVE Catharsis when done right, and if this was indeed another element of the forthcoming books martin divulged to Weiss and Benioff, I cant wait to get more indepth exposition when the book is finally released.

    Which by the rate martins going, will be T-minus Christ's resurrection.

    This season three quarters in, has as recently as hodors death become my favorite season yet.
    And that's saying something considering my past admonishments of the show.
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  14. Battle of the Bastards

    ...what an incredibly satisfying episode alllll around...humor/plot/violence/drama/tension
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  15. The battle was predictable. But the result was oh so satisfying. I was shadowing Jon's punches at the end. And how fitting was that ending.
    On the Daenerys front it was epic to see the three dragons fly once more. Especially Drogon. The other two need to feed in the wild some more.
  16. Season 6 has returned the good name of this show after the terrible season 5.

    This last episode was better than any blockbuster I have seen in theaters recently including all Marvel movies and Star Wars, just purely epic.
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  18. Jon looked absolutely brutal after they pulled him up from the mud and he gave that "OH You done fucked up now, bitch" piercing look toward Ramsay.

    Season 6 is amazing. Glad to see Dany finally rise from the annoying Mereen quagmire and reveal her unrelenting and ruthless Targaryen, on-the-back-of-a-fucking-dragon, conqueress side.

    since the Boltons are declared by the Lady of Winterfell to be a house no more, who will now take the Dreadfort? Will Tormund be given a title of lordship over the Dreadfort, strengthened by a marriaged, backed by the Warden of the North, to Brienne? We also have Jon who no longer carries a title and, as of now, is still a bastard. However, the North should be autonomous since the Starks hold Winterfell again. Although Robb is dead, his claim of King of the North is inherited to the Stark head of Winterfell until a knee is bent to the Iron Throne. At least I would assume that be the case. Jon's lineage yet to be revealed, naturally

    Edit: Of course Tormund demonstrated in this episode that he still lacks at least one of the four important qualities of a great leader: fierce determination, commands loyalty, political strategist, and a cunning battle tactician. He would have little experience with the latter two. However, so did Robb and many of the leaders (Joffrey, Renly, etc.) which is what did them all in.
  20. I would have said the dreadfort would go to Littlefinger as payment if i hadnt watched the preview for the next episode. I think he wants Sansa's hand in marriage. The Boltons have always been the biggest threat in the north to the Starks so this is a great opportunity to put some allies at the dreadfort. But before giving away the dreadfort to anyone they need to declare the new Lord/King of the North. It should be Sansa. After that they need to clean up the north by getting back all the lords who refused to help them to swear their oath once more.

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