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  2. This actually looks good. I normally avoid HBO shows.
  3. If it's half as good as the novels, it wont be good, it'll be great.
  4. The cast had me at Sean Bean. He was fantastic in Lord of the Rings.
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  5. Sean Bean is awesome. But he's always typecasted as a villain. It's good to see him in a good guy role. IMO, he is perfect as Ned, got the character down to a T from all I've seen so far.

    Peter Dinklage is also another great choice. He's playing Tyrion Lannister, by far my favorite character in the entire series, and i can think of no other person to play him. Even when i was reading the series for the first time and the show wasn't announced yet i always pictured Tyrion as Dinklage in my head.

    I really really hope they do this series justice. It's one i hold very dear, and my favorite novels ever.
  6. He wasn't a villain in LotR.
  7. Well Boromir is kind of the misunderstood anti-hero, but im more thinking of the other roles he's done like the national treasure movies.

    Actually, he's been the bad guy in almost all his movies

    -Patriot Games
    -Essex Boys
    -Don't say a word
    -The Island

    he's the main bad dude in all of these.
  8. True true. And if you watch the extended edition, he's trying to be an actual hero. Just the Ring corrupts that easily.
  9. Other than Ian Mckellan, he was probably the most impressive actor in LOTR imo.
  10. This starts in April. HBO knows how to do series so I am looking forward to it.

    I hope they do a lot more episodes and don't rush it. A Song of Ice and Fire shapes Westeros largely through dialog and it's the role of Tyrion Lannister that will really sell me.

    Props to HBO for going after such an ambitious project.
  11. O yeah and you'll all shit yourselves when you see how much underaged sex is portrayed in AGoT.
  12. You read ASOIF Kroz? Also, about the underage sex thing, well Hbo aged the child characters a lot. Dani is like 18 now instead of 14.
  13. Yeah I loved it. I like fantasy in general and GRRM is great even if he is TAKING FOR FUCKING EVER TO RELEASE BOOK 5 ..RAGE!
  14. I'm an official member of the WFFM club.

    *Write Faster Fat Man

    Anyway, i'm certain book five is going to be released this year. He had planed to announce last month but an unexpected illness took some time away from his writing. It seems he has around 3 chapters to finish off.

    Who's your fav POV? Besides obviously Tyrion.
  15. Aryia. Her revenge thing and "I am the Ghost/Wolf/Mouse/etc" sayings. Dany is close though. I like how she has to bring back the glory of such a powerful house and take the throne, but yet is so naive about the world and having to just "wing it" on through.

  16. 1.Tyrion
    8.The Hound
    10.Littlefinger troll

    Arya is awesome. She's so adaptable to everything, and she's a fucking killing machine.

    Just came out, looks awesome
  17. Nice trailer!

    BTW I hated Sam. Ugggh. ust so whiney crybaby and kept saying to myself: STFU.

    And a shit way to show the obvious use of the obsidian which was obvious since the moment Jon couldn't kill a wight with his sword. Old fantasy law right there: magical weapons are needed to kill the undead. So the entire Nights Watch is utterly clueless as if winter only comes around once in a thousand years and they haven't been beyond the Wall or something... and then bitch-ass Sam re-discovers this lost ENTIRE PURPOSE of the Watch? RAGE AGAIN

    I'll admit it took a while to get into the first book. I am so used to mythological fantasy and this was clearly based on Medieval history. I see a lot of parallels with ASoIaF with the War of Roses where the houses of Lancaster and York began waring with the dispute of the successorship of the English throne and would eventually end when King Henry VII, "Henry Tudor", of house Lancaster married a woman of house York and thus created the Tudor line to unify the two houses. Westeros looking like a mirrored version of Britain; The "Bastard Lords" (giving lordship to non-nobles for service to a lord in winning battles); Fighters flying the banners of their direct "Bastard Lords" instead of the sigils of the waring houses; The sigils of house Tyrell and house York are near identical in design (Tyrell img | York img); And the use of mercenaries (sellswords) as well.

    Such realism is not usually my thing, but I got addicted fast though.
  18. Okay so is this series going to be in a fantasy world or medieval world? I have some times seen series which had fantasy setting and it was only in medieval setting, which disappointed me.
  19. Fantasy. There are dragons, undead, and magic. Plus, the keeps are larger than life. But the dialog and characters are medieval.

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