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    I know we have a MCU thread but figured I'd make this.

    The eps are out!

    1"The H Word"S. J. ClarksonDouglas Petrie & Marco RamirezAugust 18, 2017
    2"Mean Right Hook"S. J. ClarksonTBAAugust 18, 2017
    3"Worst Behavior"TBATBAAugust 18, 2017
    4"Royal Dragon"TBATBAAugust 18, 2017
    5"Take Shelter"Uta BriesewitzTBAAugust 18, 2017
    6"Ashes, Ashes"TBATBAAugust 18, 2017
    7"Fish in the Jailhouse"TBATBAAugust 18, 2017
    8"The Defenders"TBATBAAugust 18, 2017

  2. Well I loved the series. I hope others enjoyed it as well. Just an initial observation after finishing it.

    So Sigourney's character has been revived from the dead a lot..which takes me back to that restaurant scene when she mentions Constantinople. She was there. Her discussion with Elektra reborn shows that as well.
  3. Ugh
    . So much stuff out back to back
    .. Then competing with other responsibilities

    Not enough time in the day

    I'll get on this in 2017...after i watch ironfist
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  4. Why'd you have to discuss this in a new thread? Anyways as a I mentioned in my post in the other thread I think Stick says they were responsible for Pompeii and that shit was before Constantinople was a thing. Thats why I said they are at least 2000 yrs old.
  5. Still haven't watched Iron Fist mainly because of the negative comments. I suppose I should give it one shot.
  6. You'll have to give it more than one. It's easily the slowest start of the lot, and I don't know how much they had to work with for his origin story (I haven't read IF yet, sorry) but it very easily crosses into the "uh, not sure that makes sense" territory.
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  7. I watched this series. It is quite weak in comparison to Daredevil (S1 and S2), Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.
    I had watch the first episode of Iron First but could not get into it.
  8. I gave it a try and binge watched it the day b4 defenders, Iron Fist got boring as hell. The only things i took away from it was info on Kun Lun and abit about 2 fingers of the hand other than that he was a whiney boring as hell character
  9. So how much longetivity can we get from a dragon boner?

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