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    LOS ANGELES - A sequel to Nickelodeon's "Avatar: The Last Airbender" is in the works.

    The channel said Wednesday the new animated TV series will premiere in 2011. It has the working title, "The Legend of Korra."

    Nickelodeon says the series will build on the "mythology" of the original "The Last Airbender" series.

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  2. win beyond win....as long as it's as good as the original. Better yet, as long as it's as good as the third season.
  3. I dont want her to be an air bender make her something else other wise it will be like the origonal only with a new lead
  4. Heard that this is supposed to be taking place 100 years after the first series. So she just might not be a air bender.
  5. based on the design in the picture, if that is indeed her, then she going to be a water bender, which makes sense since the next avatar is suppose to be a water after air. No other nation wears furs,and blue clothing. SO maybe some more focus on Blood bending.... JOY!
  6. $20 says that airbenders will exist 100 years later.
  7. That's one thing I wouldn't mind seeing how it happened.
  8. they would have too or the story wouldnt progress the avatar would have to learn air bending from some where
  9. It would be awesome if the air bender she learns from is Aang's kid or grandchild.
  10. Why follow the new story when you can follow the avatar wikia ( and the links it gives ) and this youtube...


    Basically, 70 years later. Waterbender girl. Anti-bender as conflict. Aang's son is gonna be airbender teacher ( so all future airbenders will be related to aang in direct descendant way ). Good info on the youtube channel.

    Also...M. Night shitalon better keep his away from this series.


    Didn't know I'd link the video, but if you go to the youtube link the video goes to. Subscribe to the user.
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  11. It's sad to know that Aang dosen't live that long.I really hope we get to see what happened to the other members of team avatar.
  12. There are supposed to be flashbacks that are supposed to happen pertaining to them and aang. Hopefully, it will be while the team is as adults.
  13. One of the best news I'm hearing all summer.
  14. awesome news hope that korra inherits her granddad's intellect and grandma's acrobatic skills (now that would be awesome)
  15. Got a source for this granddad or grandma thing cause it sounds like it came from a rumor.


    Translation? He sucked and we don't plan making his mistake?
  16. Are you assuming that Tenzin is her father? That's a little too convenient to be the granddaughter of the previous Avatar.

    I would like to see a few energy benders make an appearance. It was such a short lived part of the series.
  17. IIRC, energy benders were the lionhead turtles and avatars ( in avatar state only ) only.
  18. I wonder what caused the non-benders to hate the benders?

    I guess alot has changed in 70 years.
  19. Fear of power and a 'charismatic' leader is sufficient. No?

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