1. 1.Why the fuck does Laruel 2.0 (who I find way sexier than Laurel 1.0) keep coming back to Star city? I mean it's not even her Star city.
    2.Guy selling illegal tech like some crime lord out of a nightclub? A truly inspired idea. (Sarcasm)
    3.Felicity looked damn good in this episode. (She always does glasses girl was cute too) (other glasses girl)
    4.Crossbow wielding Diggle, pretty sweet. (It's all thanks to Obama)
    5.Lol at the Rick and Morty villain with his virus bomb. (PICKLE RICK!)
    All in all I thought this episode was decent but a little silly
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  2. This latest episode was one of the better ones recently. Everything with Slade and Oliver was great. I couldn't care less about the rest of the episode. This show was really better when it was a solo outing for Oliver.
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