1. Personally Prometheus showed a little too much emotion when his wife was brought to him. He should have gone "Is that the best you could come up with Olvier?" and snapped her neck or something like that.
    Also it is getting old but still needs to be said, Felicity should just die.
  2. I really like how Adrian's actor really turned up the creepy factor after he was revealed. Dude is creepy as fuck.
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  3. I think they were trying to show that he really did love his wife. It's one thing for him to kill someone he doesn't give a shit about and another for him to show that he does love her and yet will kill her anyway for the sake of his goals.
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  4. Maybe I missed something in the seasons before the 4 episode crossover cause that was when I tuned more into Arrow. What kind of a 'big secret' is "I wanted to kill! I liked it!" Whoop-de-fucking-do. Someone clue me in please?
  5. It's just Adrian's way of screwing with Oliver's head. Oliver first claimed to not like killing and that he only killed because it was necessary to protect the city. Adrian basically said that Oliver is no different than serial killer who gets off on killing people and his quest was just an excuse to kill people without feeling guilty about it. Now Oliver believes that, which is why he quits being Green Arrow at the end. Oliver now sees himself as no different than many of the people he used to take down.

    This type of thing has came up before in stories where the hero kills. Usually it ends in one of two ways. One, the hero decides to prove the villain wrong by adopting the no-killing-ever rule; or two, the hero decides that it doesn't matter whether the villain is right about his motives or not, the important thing is that hero believes what he is doing is necessary and thus continues on. The later is what happens in series where killing is accepted as necessary, but given the comics this is based on, the former is what will likely eventually happen. The preview shows Oliver calling in the Bratva to kill Adrian, but I doubt that will last long. I suspect this season will end with Oliver officially adopting the no-killing rule and actually sticking to it in the future. Oliver has tried to follow a no-killing rule before, but went back on it. This season will probably end up being what Oliver uses to motivate himself to actually stick to it in the future.
  6. Not bad. Prometheus managed to break Ollie. I don't like it personally that this has come down to the age old question of whether being judge, jury and executioner as a vigilante is just the same as being a killer. All I can say is that the Oliver of 5 years ago wouldn't be fazed by this. But that Oliver had a morality and a conscience hammered into him by the friends he gathered around him.
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  8. Looks like the next episode will be Felicity-centric. Seriously?! I loved how Felicity got killed after failing to be a hero in the altered reality in Legends. Now if only they could do that in the main reality here in Arrow.
  9. Oliver finally asked Nyssa for help. I was really hoping we could get Nyssa vs Talia and it looks like it will finally happen. And the ending with Slade returning was great. It's been a long time since I've been truly excited for an Arrow episode.
  10. They better end the season on a high note.
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  11. I thought this was a pretty decent finale. I liked the cliffhanger ending and how Adrian was still thinking ahead of Oliver even until the end. In a way, Adrian kind of won as everything seemed to be part of his plans. Oliver couldn't stop him from blowing up the island and if everyone survives, it won't be because Oliver defeated Adrian.

    I'd be very impressed if they actually killed everyone off, but I doubt it. Black Siren was already confirmed for Season 6, so she survives at least. But I'll bet everyone survives. I don't think Malcolm was killed by the landmine earlier either. Otherwise, they would've showed it or his body. Off-screen explosions are never a trustworthy sign for a death. If there are deaths, they'll probably be only a few, but I doubt they'll be any.

    I am curious how they'll survive. My best guess is outside help, like Cisco vibing that they're in trouble and teleporting everyone to safety through a breach or something. Flash helped briefly in the season 3 finale, so this could be a probable option.
  12. Don't even tempt me with that. That would be awesome. Kill off the supporting cast and start fresh. You could have a dynamic duo with Oliver teaching his son how to be an archer.

    But yeah this was one of the better finale this series has seen.
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  13. Oliver is basically solid snake sneaking around, snapping necks, shooting down helicopters. I'll never get used to characters like renee taking out league of assassin guys.
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  14. The amount of c-4 on that island was the equivalent of Konan's 600 billion explosive tags in Naruto. He must have been putting those bombs there for years.
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  15. Anyone watch? I literally LoLd at multiple points that weren't meant to be funny. I still enjoyed it though.
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  16. At first, I was glad when it seemed Thea was dead since there really should consequences for the main cast to make the ending of last season have any real meaning. It was disappointing when Thea was shown to be just in a coma. We all know she'll wake up eventually and be fine.

    After all that, the only real death was William's mom and that only served the plot to force Oliver to play the role of a father.
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  17. I was disappointed Thea was alive too, also Johns PTSD seems weird to me.
  18. I thought the implication was that Diggle was injured in the shoulder by flying debris during the explosions. Now he seems to have nerve damage in his arm as a result.
  19. I want to make sweet, sweet love to Dinah...that is all.
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