1. I thought this was actually a pretty decent mid-season finale. It was a pretty nice twist with Prometheus setting things up so Oliver kills Felicity's boyfriend. And it looks like the cops found Diggle. I'll bet Prometheus was the one who set that up.

    I'm glad the team stuck with Oliver. There's been times when people reacted stupidly in the past so for a moment I was worried someone would give Oliver a hard time, but everyone put the blame on Prometheus where it belongs.

    Also, Evelyn is being pretty stupid. Even at his worst, Oliver never purposely harmed innocent people, while Prometheus has shown that he's perfectly willing to sacrifice innocent people just to send a message to Oliver. Yet, Oliver's the bad guy in her mind? She should just admit she's about revenge instead talking shit about how the city needs to be saved from Oliver.

    I really wasn't expecting that ending. While there are lots of ways she could be brought back, I wasn't actually expecting to see Laurel return. I wonder how it happened here?
  2. That was a nice setup by prometheus. Even though Billy is dead I still think he is one of the possibilities to who is under prometheus's mask.
  3. The ending of the last episode had Diggle getting arrested, but I just realized something. Couldn't they just ask the president for a pardon? In the crossover episode, the government was shown to be aware of everyone's true identity with the president even being aware of Kara being from another universe.And the president was shown thanking the team and everything.
  4. Not to mention that his wife seems to know the president too, but it's Arrow so I guess this is to be expected.
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  5. Well, his wife just works under the president so there might not be enough leverage to ask for that without evidence of Dig's innocence. But the team were treated and acknowledged as heroes in the crossover episode. The president was even taking advice from Kara. The team would be in a better position to ask such for a pardon for Diggle.
  6. I'm surprised they spoiled the cliffhanger ending of the last episode like that. The preview revealed that this is Earth 2 Laurel. Although I wonder how she escaped from STAR Labs and more importantly without Team Flash knowing. Even if she escaped, Team Flash should've known immediately after and warned Oliver.
  7. Talia finally makes an appearance. I wonder if she went by al Ghul name and if so Oliver should have heard of Ra's long ago.
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  8. Talia's appearance was the only interesting part of the episode. It was also the first time I was interested in the flashbacks this season. The rest of the episode was pretty predictable.

    Although, when the general talked about contacting the president, I really wanted to slap someone upside the head. As I said before, after the alien invasion the team should have the president on speed-dial with a reminder of what they've done to save the world. If the president was willing to listen to Kara about the old agent, then she'd probably listen about Dig and this general. But no, it's the general who's going to the president. :again:

    Also, it was mentioned that Prometheus broke out Black Siren 3 days ago but Team Flash didn't notice til now. Seriously? I understand not noticing immediately because the alarms didn't go off, but 3 days? They don't check on their prisoners daily? Don't they have to feed them daily and stuff?
  9. Wow Talia was really helpful :lll._.:"I will take on the guards" She shot only one and left the rest to Ollie. But I get what she was doing. She was trying to see what he can do in person. Nice reveal about the new Black Canary.
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  10. I straight lmao when she dipped on his ass. But yeah nice Black Canary reveal.
  11. So it would seem that absorbing a nuke redeemed a shitton of souls. TIme to restock apparently.
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  12. Felicity you fucking hypocritical bitch. God. These shows need to get their leading ladies done better. I did like the bit where Dinah and Ollie went all thug on those guys. She is good addition to the team.
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  13. Well, Iris has gotten significantly better over on the Flash.
  14. Nothing says good times like a gun control episode.
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  15. I took that to be a origins of Wild Dog alongside a 'Independents and Republicans need to find more common ground while Democrats are shown to be doing things wrong....again..' I could be wrong.
  16. Was there a point to all that shit with the reporter? Previous episodes made it seem like they were building up to something, like maybe Oliver's secret getting exposed again, but it seems like it was just done so Oliver could have some lame romantic drama.
  17. So they finally revealed Prometheus' identity. I think most people guessed it was the DA, so I wasn't surprised. The DA was Vigilante in the comics, so this was supposed to be a big surprise, but it really wasn't. I am somewhat curious who Vigilante is, but not much since he hasn't been very interesting so far. Although I was surprised that Vigilante managed to survive the encounter with Prometheus. I was expecting Prometheus to kill him.
  18. With Talia now involved in the present rather than just the flashbacks, I wonder if Nyssa will return as well? It may be interesting to see how they interact.
  19. My tv couldn't handle such a meeting.
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