1. Well, I do recall Rip saying in Legends of Tomorrow that it takes time for changes in the past to set and affect the future. It was when he showed the team a vision of the future after Savage got a piece of Ray 's tech and explained that there was still time to prevent the future from changing. This could have a similar explanation.

    Or it could be that this is part of the new timeline after Barry undos the new timeline to reset things, but the "new" timeline is just the return of the old timeline with no changes or just a few minor changes (like how Barry travelling back in time to get the tachyon info from Eobard didn't change anything except make Hartley a good guy).

    Either way, it would be a wasted opportunity if nothing major ends up changing because of Flashpoint. This would have been the perfect opportunity to fix a lot of what went wrong with Arrow.
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  2. I am looking forward to the new team. And of course there has to be another evil archer.
    EDIT: nvm i just read that he is Prometheus. Now I'm a bit more excited.
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  3. I just have a tough time getting into this show anymore even with a new season. I was bored for the most part because it seemed like a lot more of the same but it's ep 1.v
  4. Prometheus needs a different color scheme. I thought it was him when Ragman first appeared.
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  5. There room for Ragman in flash's area? There might be a use for Iris afterall..
  6. I'm pretty damn sure the new DA is Prometheus. Mr. Terrific doesn't look half bad.
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  7. For a moment, when I saw Deadshot, I got my hopes up that Flashpoint changed more things than we realized and wondered what else could have changed for Arrow. But then it was revealed to be just in Dig's head, and I was so disappointed. :(
  8. And now Lexa Doig will be playing Talia Al Ghul in episode 10.

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  9. Good to know that Talia will finally make an appearance in the show. I recall her being mentioned in Legends in 1950s episode.

    I'm also looking forward to next week with Prometheus finally making his move against Oliver.

    I liked the portrayal of Human Target and hope he makes an appearance in future episodes.
  10. Wow I wasn't expecting that twist at the end. I honestly thought Prometheus was the new DA until the early half of this episode then I was convinced that it was Felicity's boyfriend. Nice going there.
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  11. Yeah, I don't think anyone expected that Lance was Prometheus. That was a really great twist. Although, when he got up, Lance seemed to look confused at the cut and the throwing star, so it seems he doesn't know he's Prometheus. I wonder what's going on. Is he being possessed or something?
  12. He could still be a red herring. Prometheus in the comics is a very smart and dedicated man. The last story I read of him was when he faced off against the Midnighter. He got into a relationship with the Midnighter and pretended to be his boyfriend in order to ruin him. And that's why I suspected both the DA and Felicity's boyfriend. Both of them are getting closer to Oliver and Green Arrow's life. Since they are this close it is conceivable that they are aware of Lance's drinking problems and decided to use him as a patsy. And it would be even cooler if both of these new guys are actually Prometheus. That would give them the proper alibis.
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  13. I didn't think of that, but it makes sense. The DA and Felicity's were the obvious suspects before the Lance reveal. It would be interesting if it was all part of a plan to frame Lance and throw Oliver off Prometheus' trail. It does seem pretty early for such a reveal if Lance was really Prometheus, but this timing makes more sense if it plays out like you suggest it might.
  14. So, Artemis is a traitor? I wonder if he just turned because of what happened last episode with the revelation of Oliver's past or if she's been working with Prometheus from the beginning?

    Also, I'm glad that what happened with Lance was a red herring but I'm surprised the show took care of it so soon and so easily. I would've thought they'd draw it out for maximum drama. I'm glad they went this route and had their characters actually make smart moves for once with Lance going to Thea soon after and Thea informing Oliver quickly. I'm glad we had them trusting each other instead of stupidly hiding shit.
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  15. ^Yeah a lot of what happened this week was smart. Not the usual cliched dumb mistakes people make. Also Oliver finally said something that i had been waiting for him to say for years, "You can't have it both ways" when talking about killing or not killing.
  16. To be fair, he's had it said to him so many times that it would eventually be his turn to say it.
  17. So the second part of the crossover had little to do with the crossover and more about 100th episode of Arrow. There were some ups and downs but that scene with Ollie and Thea was touching.
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  18. I was pretty disappointed that there wasn't more focus on the crossover. That's what it was billed as and what most people including me were expecting. I get it's the 100th episode of Arrow, but I feel they should've saved this for the next episode. If this was a pure Arrow episode and not part of a crossover, I probably would've enjoyed it more. It was nice seeing the scene with Oliver and Thea and seeing all the old Arrow characters. But I just couldn't enjoy the nods to the Arrow past as part of the anniversary as I was too disappointed about the crossover.
  19. Mama Queen still fine though.

    Ya know...I think I mentioned this before but I really dislike how they've sorta turned Sara into a "standard" gay character. Originally it was more that she connected with Nyssa on a deep level (I got the same vibe from Nyssa as well) and they fell for each other. The experience she had after the Queen's Gambit sank and her time with the league turned her into someone who valued her connection with a person over their sex. It was a much more interesting character trait. But then with Legends she just became the "lesbian" character. Although I have been told that over the first season she started to connect with Snart on that level.
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  20. Arrow's crossover episode was boring. I hope the Legends one is better. I'll watch that later on today.

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