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    Oh yeah, DC and the CW are getting back into the drama with Green Arrow this time. Show starts 10/10 at 8/7c.

  2. I heard about this on /co/ and watch the trailer for it. I really want this to do as well as Smallville did. Shame most superhero shows are doomed to one season.
  3. I don't think this show is going to do any good. The fact that' it's on CW means it's going to be more drama, soap opera shit like they did on Smallville. Let's face it CW night time shows are for females to get their soap opera fix. Smallville was good, but it would have been ten times better if it had been in any other station, imo.
  4. ^ Unfortunately for you, any DC based show or movie is gonna come out on either the CW or Cartoon Network. And maybe TNT or TBS if you're lucky since all of those including DC is owned by Time Warner.
  5. Oh look, another CW show that will be cancelled before it finishes it's first season...
  6. I know that O_O. Well, Cartoon Network only shows the well.. cartoons. So I'm good with that. Because well... they're never really heavy on love relationships...
  7. But isn't that because Cartoon Network mainly focuses on kids? :we all gonna die:
  8. I really want this to do well. We need to bring superhero/action shows back. Too much pussy soap and drama shit on TV.
  9. ^

    and reality shows
  10. Hope this goes as well as Smallville did at first. It'd probably won't, but would be nice if it did.

    Especially since only this and 666 Park Avenue are the only new shows that seem like they are interesting to me.
  11. You guys should watch this show like it's going to fail. Then when it's actually good. You'll be happier. Better than expecting it to be at this
    "^" level, when it's actually giving you "v" this level.
  12. Saw the trailer for this this morning, and it looked interesting I suppose. Gonna have to see how they handle the action before I judge this though.

    Still would have liked it if they had brought back another Flash series instead though.
  13. That was actually a pretty good first episode. I like how this version of Green Arrow is a bit darker than the Smallville version.
  14. first ep was great!!!!!!!!!!! theory on his training Raz Al Ghul or a member of the league of Shadows maybe the Sensei
  15. Man you mofos beat me to it. I haven't watched it yet but I'm glad people are liking it so far. I hope that it does well enough to get as many seasons as Smallville.
  16. Just downloaded the episode and gonna watch it once I get home. From the review I read at IGN it kinda sounded like they're trying to give this the batman begins threatment
  17. goddamnit I missed it. So airs on Wed. eh.. well off to dl. I just hope they cut out some of the cheese bs that Smallville had which I know is asking a lot since it's on CW. Just happy they didn't use the same dude from Smallville with his gay Green Arrow voice.
    ..eehhh still gives me cramps when I think of "the blur" and "the darkness".. :imdead:
  18. I suppose you can say it got that kind of treatment. Dinah is in it, so only time will tell if they continue on that approach.

    And yeah Vic, it airs Wed. at 8/7c. Can't wait to see how they handle Deadshot in episode 3. Hopefully it'll be a lot better than how he was handled in Smallville.
  19. ^ You mean where Deadshot looked like he should of starred in a western... don't get me started. I liked the DS in Gothan Knight so maybe I should browse the comics again cause he may of been like that previously but idk.
  20. Just watched Episode 1 and this was good. I mean really good. Also DAT ENDING and DAT SUSPENSE. Ollie is a beast in this show. Also Dinah came down pretty hard on him. Definately some sad moments will be had in this show. I hope this goes the full run. This is on my watch list.
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