1. Based on the award winning novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman.
    This show looks fucking fantastic. I've been hyped since i saw the first casting and cant wait. American Gods is one of my most favorite books of all time. To any who have read the book please keep it spoiler free in here for those who havent. If you must talk spoilers tag them appropriately.
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  2. Will give it a look for sure. Never read the books. I need more reading material so might do that first. I like physical books not the digital shit.
  3. Just one book. Dont miss it. It is a really good read.
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  4. New trailer. So much blood.
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  5. Wow that looks intense. Why am I just finding out about this now? Did any eps come out?
  6. Not yet. 30th April.
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  7. [IMG]
  8. Black person a trickster while white people get technology, easter, and even the world. I hope this doesn't go racism route.

    A cross depicted might be deemed offensive.

  9. The first episode is out. Hell of a couple of days for Shadow. The Bilquis scene was just as weird as it was in the book. Overall it was a weird and interesting and captivating premier.
  10. Watching the first episode now. The viking in the first few minutes. I don't think that he was arrow'ed enough. Better shoot a few hundred more into him..just to be sure.
  11. Shadow seems to have incredibly bad luck at the end of each episode. That god with the hammer looks ready to smash his head.
  12. So .. worth watching? How was the first ep overall.
  13. I'm totally biased on this show. So my opinion is worth shit here.
    It has good reviews so far from all over. Above 8 from IGN and IMDB. In the 90% on rotten tomatoes. 77% metacritic.
    The only thing I'll say is that the opening moments of both episodes so far have been great. And then you have these great conversations between Mr. Wednesday and Shadow. The pace might be a bit slow but you'll be going along with Shadow on the ride and learning about the hidden world of gods.
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  14. well that's enough for me and I trust your opinions so a watch it is!
  15. Some heavy gay sex in the latest episode. Mr. Wednesday is one smooth criminal. Shadow should really start believing. Especially with that cliffhanger ending.
  16. uhh.. hard pass then?
  17. Lol. You can just skip that scene. It was part of the "Somewhere in america" sections that introduce Gods. They don't effect the story.
  18. Finally we get to see the leader of the new gods, Mr. World. He looks like he can buy just about anything. Gillian Anderson does a great job as Media.
  19. I skimmed through the first episode to see if I'd like it, I was exciting for a new series with lots of Ian McShane, but it was a bit.... eeeeeeeh.... I also ended up on that moment where the black women consumes a guy by having sex with him. That was some weird shit.

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