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    My excitement level is very high. Will no doubt see Ezra and some of the Rebels crew and Luke. I knew this time period was coming but I do really like the fighter pilot pov.

    If you think about the pod racing and other awesome fighter / space scenes throughout SW then we should get something really awesome here with a touch of George Lucas style to it which I love and Filoni uses a lot.

    The voice actors and production crew seem awesome so I'm good but I am interested to see this anime inspired style. Always makes me nervous when they do this lol. I do not expect some kiddy teen titans go show so we should be good.
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  2. I wonder if we'll be seeing Luke's new Jedi order before kylo ren destroyed it.

    Anyway im really excited about this.I really didn't think we would be getting a new animated series this soon.

    But I ain't complaining.
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  3. Yeah there are so many possibilities here and Filoni is money when it comes to SW. This is pretty much the movies for me. I think seeing Luke on a limited basis like we did with Obi is very possible.

    We should get a good dose of Snoke but cameos of Han Leia and Chewie. Also some closure to Rex and Ahsoka. I mean let's be honest here unless JJ does something and we know Rian is moving in a different direction..then the animation shows are free game to tell stories and close out some classics.
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  5. I love it.

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