1. Just started watching narcos. New show on Netflix about escobar. Should be entertaining. I'll update with thoughts on it later. But after sense8 my trust in Netflix original series has returned.
  2. What shows didn't you like before Sense8?
  3. Marco Polo was kinda disappointing and house of Cards new season wasn't that good compared to the others. Anyway still haven't started watching narcos since I'm rewatching breaking bad. Has anyone seen narcos yet?
  4. No but I felt the same way about Marco.. quickly lost interest. Still need to watch Sense8. Didn't Daredevil renew your trust in Netflix?
  5. On yeah totally forgot about that since it's marvel somehow. But def that was one of the, if not, coolest super heroes show ever.
  6. Watching Way of the Gun.. yeah I know it's a movie on el rey network but benicio del toro is so awesome in that flick.
  7. So you guys don't like Narcos? Marco Polo was pretty bad at some points but the fight scenes were pretty cool.
  8. Are you kidding? Narcos was awesome.

    Also, Slater in Mr.Robot is basically reprising his role from Heathers.. one of the greatest flicks ever made that couldn't be made today.
  9. I watched the finale of Mr. Robot today. Nice to see that Evil corp is way bigger than expected.
  10. New show bastard executioner starts tonight on fxx. Also, finally we got cw in hd here and just in time for the new seasons of flash, arrow. Did I read that right .. Supergirl airs on Mondays? lol. Good luck competing with MNF.

    Goddamn man.. this executioner show is brutal. The death scenes are straight game of thrones stuff. My gf said she couldn't watch anymore lol. Wow wtf.. I am super surprised this is on regular cable what I just saw. jesus man.. that was hardcore.
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  11. Wicked City on ABC is pretty damn good. Blood, hot chicks and they are playing some epic 80's tunes like this:


  12. Agent X. Watched the premier. Not too shabby.

    Into the Badlands, love the fighting and violence in this.
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  13. So is anyone else watching Into the Badlands on AMC? Cause that show and the fight scenes kick ass.

    This is the first fight scene of ep.1 so I'm not going to spoil it just beware. This show is awesome. Sunday nights after Walking Dead. lol.. goddamn man.. some of the bone breaking injuries he does to them are brutal. Also, his ride is kickass too.

    Dude.. how he uses the spear through that dude. .That shit is dope man lol.

    lol.. and you are out of here!!!!

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  14. Into the badlands eps from ep1 to new ep are being shown starting at 6pm cst on AMC.
  15. I dont know whether i like M.K or hate him. The kid hasnt said a word of truth once. He is clever and knows his way out of and into problems.
  16. Oh lance henriksen is on Badlands tonight. Awesome. He has aged well. Really good show.

    Also, tomorrow night on syfy. Holy shit man.. that was some cylon type stuff at the end. awesome show.


    2 night premiere starts 12/14 10/9 cst This isn't some cheesy syfy show just fyi. Worth a look.

    So... I don't know if this was a leaked ep or what or if it's the 2 night premiere that's coming on tv tom night but this is out there now:


  17. The Magicians on SyFy. They showed the first ep as a special premiere this week. Officially starts late january.
  18. Did anybody else watch Childhood's End?
  19. Damn that was a great finale for the magicians. That cliffhanger ending...:mad: I think its time to read the novels.
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  20. Preacher pilot tonight on amc. Have to catch it after nba game.

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