1. Fuck it..in the spirit of anime season threads I made this.. cause ya know someone never thought of it lol. This is for the whole year.. feel free to make individual threads still.

    I like the whole fight club tell it like it is bs. Slam all those celebrity asshats! lol. Steve jobs taking a shot.
    I am pretty much this guy. go Perl. go Linux! Still have a linux machine running. Everyone has their own addictions...not talking about computers.

    To start it off:

    Mr. Robot on USA. Watch it , love it.. really awesome.


    THE FULL PILOT so yeah watch:
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  4. Killjoys on Syfy. Some are calling it the next Firefly
    ive checked the pilot, not so bad.
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  5. Also, Dark Matter on Syfy. Watched both this past Friday and was very happy unlike that Defiance crap.

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  6. mr. robot on usa starts tonight as does Suits new season which is pretty damn good show as well. Robot comes on after it. Hopefully it's good.
  7. Ballers premiere was pretty wack. I hope it gets better...
  8. finally watched Mr. Robot. Its off to a great start.
  9. I liked it, and I didn't even recognize the little girl from SG1 at first.
  10. mr. robot lol.. last 15mins have been this dude trippin out on whatever drug he injected himself with. He was talking to his fish, eating his fish, got married with a key as a ring and maybe got shot at a drug house.
  11. watching sex drugs rock and roll with dennis leary on fx and it's pretty damn awesome. So far I've heard them talking about tits, drugs, tits again and the unfortunate size of his dick as said by his daughter. lol. Worth a watch.

    The actress who is his daughter looks hot in her bikini that they showed :eek:

    Oh yeah they can all act very well.. forgot about that. "remember that band chicks with dicks" lmao Wow they get away with a lot of stuff on Fx. I've heard pussy as they talk about his daughter's.. like 10 times lol.

    This is worth the watch for sure:

  12. I watched the pilot of Lucifer today. I must say i enjoyed it a lot. I'm still a bit ticked that they decided to do a cop procedural but you just forget about that when you see Eliis acting. He makes a hell of a good devil.
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  13. It's on Fox though...
  14. True. Being on fox means an inevitably short lifespan for the show. But you never know. I would have preferred it to be on something like Showtime but i'll take what i can get.
  15. The Defiance ep tonight was really good. I haven't watched it much but it definitely had my attention. So did the killjoys and darkmatter season ending eps.

    Holy shit that killjoy ending was awesome.
  16. How come Mr.Robot doesn't have it's own thread? Anyways, who saw last week episode? Does anyone have the mirror scene as a GIF? Because that was a woman that first appeared right?
  17. I just caught up with Mr. Robot. I expected the father thing but not the sister. That is truly fucked up. I hope the teamup with Tyrell works out.
    Finished Killjoys as well. That was a nicely fleshed out season. Really looking forward to the next season.
  18. Dark Matter still has 2 more episodes left.
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  19. I watch the El Rey Network started by Robert Rodriquez and it is totally awesome. They show classic kung fu movies, scifi, westerns and even cheesy but cool 80's movies.. not pretty in pink bs lol.

    Big Trouble in Little China is on now unedited. Also the new season started yesterday for the dusk till dawn tv series. The original movie was great and so far the series hasn't disappointed. Titty Twister!!

    Oh also his Director's Chair episodes are so so good. Saw the Tarantino and George Miller eps. Worth the hour.


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