1. 56 im tired
  2. I approached this thread with my gun ready until I could check the link. As the self proclaim BroKage of the hidden nigga villiage I approve this thread. Obviosly the ninja is trying to keep the niggas... ninjas out his villiage. But the main idea is in the end we still win no matter how many you take out. We still infiltrate your villiage kinda like we're doing this forum. Hahahahahaaaaaaa.

    My high score was 2 after I realized the true message. Good shit Longtime.
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  3. 57.
  4. Aww... come on you changed the title. I liked "Too many niggas" had a nice ring to it.
  5. I didn't change it. I keeps it real
  6. 44 need to go seed mode
  7. 63

  8. by "nig" ?

    did ging freecss make this game too!!?

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