1. My friends, it is with great sadness that I come before you today bearing the news that our friend, Tony, has passed away.

    Details are sketchy, but witness testimony suggests that Tony was found face down on his bed, covered with anal lube, with the number "9" carved into his left ass cheek and a walking stick of some sort shoved into his rectum. Police are baffled, and will likely never catch the perpetrator.

    From this day forth, August 12th shall be the day on which we mourn Tony, but only this year, so make the most of it.

    Rest in piece, my foul-smelling friend.
  2. "DAMN Tony,
    Back in NM you was the Man Tony
    Da Fuck happened the fuck happened to you?" - Jikit

    RIP You foul mouth fuck
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  3. Why did Tony leave.....I remember when him and Marlie used to go back at it like retards, novels or paragraphs after novels of paragraphs.
  4. All the OPtards are on other sites like NF and AP. Besides, bitches can handle it when Tony was bashing Bleach.
  5. Tony was probably one of the worst debaters. ELK was an annoying one, but he backed stuff up.
  6. Elk's debating style was nothing more than a two tiered system of : Present argument-insult.
    Rinse and repeat. You could time your watch by it....its funny, he was the first person I butted heads with back in NM in the debates section 8 years ago, and our salvo's became increasingly adversarial.

    But near the end, he started to really bore me. Vitriol is fun...when there's refreshing substance behind it.
    Otherwise it eventually flames out.
  7. I dunno... Present argument - insult seems like a better method than present retardation - drool on self. At least with the former between insults people can actually learn something about the topic, instead of learning about the depths of insanity while potentially getting wet.
  8. ITT: ELK presenting the possibility of getting wet from debating with Cane.

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