1. Loeb is more powerful that the Sentry. He has already destroyed an entire universe twice, and he's not even tired.
  2. i wanna see loeb fight John Queseda.
  3. Who the hell is John Queseda?

    Do you mean Joe Quesada?
  4. oh go screw yourself :D :D

    (yeah. i meant that. having a bad day today it seems )
  5. just gotta say, there can be no love giving to the comic section without giving most of it to Ifeanyi84

    nuff respects to the crack supplier.
  6. ifeanie is the man
  7. IF84 is the greatest of us all

    I dub him the Batman of the Comic Section
  8. Because he posted the links I was able to get into comics in the first place
  9. thanks guys, 'preciate it. the comic section is the best.
  10. No one is more powerful then sentry not. Even. LOEB

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