1. We've been in IPB for a little while now and I haven't had a chance to give an update of how things are going. I'll try and touch on some of the questions asked frequently, but this isn't going to focus on bugs or problems. Hopefully I touch on most of the major points, but if I missed something, let me know and I'll amend and update the post. As I think of more things, I'll hopefully remember to update the post as well.



    Reputation no longer behaves in the same way it did with vBulletin. While it is easily open for abuse, I would hope that people would use it somewhat reliably because the current default settings are:
    • You can give 5 positive reputation points a day
    • You can give 5 negative reputation points a day
    • You can give it to anyone, even yourself. You can no longer give reputation to yourself. (March 17th, 2010)
    The idea is for it to be like voting a post up and down. I suppose it is something like a mix between the old thanks hack and old reputation system. I can adjust the numbers as I see fit, but I want to see how people use it for the time being.

    Watched Content

    Watched content is the same thing as subscribing to threads and forums. I'm working on trying to make it a bit better, but in actuality, I think the sidebar block, at the very least, does a lot of thinking for you. It won't show any thread that doesn't have a new post, but when you view the posts, it more or less seems like all threads are in descending order from the actual thread's start date. However, that should be temporary because as my watch topics have started seeing new posts, they have reordered themselves in the usual descending order from whichever one has the latest post.

    Personal Messenger

    The PM system is slightly different than everyone is used to, but it does a pretty good job. If you had lots of PMs, you probably noticed that everything was pretty much out of order. I believe that is just a problem with importing the database, so if you just create a folder and file them away or just delete all your old ones you should be fine. The PMs behave a little like threads between two people, or however many people are invited to a conversation. As a result of that, they appear more like threads in your messenger window so if you play around with it, it's a bit easier to understand.

    Profile Comments

    There is no longer any relationship between posts made on each other's profiles (via the old "View Conversation" button) but I am working on a way to add a reply button that will go to the other persons's profile and either snap to your last comment or to the reply box. There -might- be a way I can create a completely separate page to display all messages pertaining to you and the person you want to see, but that's a bit more complicated.


    I would like to encourage people to use the gallery because it's far more useful than the albums part of vB. I want to encourage using it, especially for images used here on TAL, because it will most likely be faster than something like imageshack. No one like a slow page load and using our own resources should significantly speed things up. I might also create a fanclub section in the gallery so that fanclubs can create albums in order to be able to easily store images directly here on TAL.


    Well, hopefully that takes care of most major areas people have mentioned. Once again, leave me a reply on what you think, if I missed something (please omit bugs or anything like that and stick it in the tracker), or you see any glaring errors in this post.
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  2. Awesome, thanks for the update.

    Seems like I had to mark everything as "read" to get new topics to appear in my Watched panel on the main forum. Is there a button that globally does it? I had to go into all the separate forums to do it.
  3. Actually, there's a very small button at the very bottom of the page to mark everything as read. I'll be moving it to someplace easier to see.
  4. It's a pitty reputation is so anonymous and reasoningless now. The who and why is sadly gone.

    I have a question. Will the blog feature eventually come back? My old page thing still has the Conversion Process notice. I don't mind waiting, other things are more important. Just looking for a wide guess as to when it might come up.
  5. It should be on now. I haven't been able to import old blogs, but you should be able to manually transfer them.
  6. yeah, this new reputation system is displeases me, but at least you stated what can't be undone or change. thus, there can't be anything much to argue with about it.

    sucks that the the old blogs weren't able to be converted >.<. i lost all those entries.

    i'll try to make use of the gallery more.

    oh and is there any way to make the shoutbox be on the front page and load on all pages?
  7. You can still get to the old site at http://theanimelounge.net and recover your old blogs.

    And yes, I might add it to at least the front page and anyone who doesn't want it can just use the setting to disable the shoutbox. I don't know yet, though.

    Oh, and rep shouldn't be anonymous when IPB 3.1 comes out. From the early feature lists they have things like profile customizations and reputation info (only who gave reputation) when you hover over the little number on posts. Once again, it's not the same, but hey, hopefully things work out.
    I also added a one day period where posts will be merged instead of adding a double post. For now, this is forum-wide.
  8. Sorry to whine again, but blog dates are bit behind. It says my blog entry was made "07 March 2010", but yesterday was 8th of March.

    And thank so much for doing all these things and spending all that time to make things work <3
  9. Have you had any regrets so far Kajiki? Just wondering because it was a big decision.
  10. So far I haven't had any regrets. I'm liking how it's working so far. It'll take a bit of work to get it feeling like TAL again, but eventually I'll get back there. For now, at least, most things should be working as they should be.

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