1. Of course they will. Even more reason to be using a respected, non-North American, VPN. I have no faith in laws or rights to protect me anymore.

    TorrentFreak posted the top ones with good privacy policies. but remember, VPN != anonymity. Many like to use the term anonymous, but really it's strong confidentiality. A good VPN provider is: 1. in a country that does not require logging; 2. does not link accounts with connections (an IP).

    TruCrypt your drives too.

    These days the only thing you can count on is encryption. So make sure that both your connection and drives are encrypted. It's never 100% protection, but it makes you an A-10 in a small arms fire gun battle. Whenever you step away from the comp, lock it. It prevents any warez from being seen while your drives are unencrypted.

    VPNs are not free, but IMO they are worth the $6 - $10 USD per month.

    http://www.trucrypt.org -get it, know it, use it. Costs nothing since it is a community-driven project.
    http://torrentfreak.com/which-vpn-providers-really-take-anonymity-seriously-111007/ -TF article on best VPNs.

    Operation Satyagraha
    In July 2008, several TrueCrypt-secured hard drives were seized from a Brazilian banker Daniel Dantas, who was suspected of financial crimes. The Brazilian National Institute of Criminology (INC) tried unsuccessfully for five months to obtain access to TrueCrypt-protected disks owned by the banker, after which they enlisted the help of the FBI. The FBI used dictionary attacks against Dantas' disks for over 12 months, but were still unable to decrypt them.[38] -Wikipedia
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  2. There's 2 good options to fuck them.

    1. VPN
    2. USEnet
  3. Which VPN would people select when the time comes?
  4. After moving, I'm going to look into btguard 9.99 month deal
  5. Anyone used this before
    So I know this has been discussed already but what about Seedboxes as an option.
  6. I am going with AirVPN.

    Seedboxes are nice but expensive. A remote machine does the torrenting for you and you go to a website and download them directly.
  7. Says they are located in Netherlands, Germany or US. Thought it was suggested to avoid any of these companies with US locations.
  8. That's their servers. Avoid using US servers (you can pick what you want to use) But the VPN company is located elsewhere.

    They accept Bitcoin (an anonymous paying method) and happily accept TOR connections. this means you can create an account with confidence and you can connect with TOR, so that data is encrypted to the TOR exit node. Plus it gives them a TOR IP when you connect to the VPN.

    With that you can tell they are serious about privacy.

    Plus the speeds are reported to be nice. That's a big one.

    I personally don't need a whole lot of security because I am not going to hack into the FBI or anything like that. I just need enough to keep Dunlap, Grubb, & Weaver, and other shitty MPAA law firms, at bay.
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  9. lmao.. dunlap, grubb and weaver. Krozar.. I appreciate more than you know the information you have given me through this post and others on vpn and seedbox's. Funny thing.. I used to work for Suttle, Buhrmann and Cobb and my uncle is a Federal Judge who torrents his ass off. Law Librarian was a sweet ass paying job to do not a damn thing.
  10. Cool. More taxes for NY's retarded government so cops can police the Intarwerbs.

    Last thing we need is the local pigs acting like ICE and the FBI do currently. Idiotic bill. I'll just VPN to sites and use his fucking address. Enjoy your pizza.
  11. Anyone have experience with BTguard? Got the VPN deal and btguard encryption and tried configuring utorrent ( updated to latest safe build of 3.1.13 or whatever ) for the socks5 thing. Keep getting 'refused by peer' and 'error -7 when doing sites. When trying to update to latest build, I had to manually download the install file from main site due to 'inability to contact utorrent update server' or something. Sometimes an actively refused on the torrent connections. yahoo and google seem to be fooled ( had to find the 'in english' button ). I'm about to say fuck the socks5 and download normally.
  12. Maybe you should just stop torrenting stuff.
  13. using airvpn and have no issues at all with torrents or DDL's. Airvpn is awesome from every single aspect. Thank you again Krozar. Always plenty of overseas servers to log in to.

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