1. Just migrating to Rapidshare out of Switzerland. One of the sites I use is all DDL and I love JDownloader. I still use utorrent for specific things.
  2. How is Bayfiles? They are affiliated with TPB, so you know its intended purpose.

    But just put your warez in an encrypted RAR file and name it "Vacation Pictures EVA01-24.rar" (eva = evangelion)

    Post it up as a copypasta link that requires copy & paste into the URL bar to prevent any backtracking. But that step is for the paranoid people.

    In this era of Internets, we may need to start doing business with people who accept Bitcoin and have a good privacy/confidentiality statement, based in Sweden, Netherlands, or the Seychelles. The reason is they are not required to keep IP access logs. In some cases they are required to give over subscriber information, but if you paid with Bitcoin there is nothing to trace you back.

    Here is why Bitcoin will be the future of the interwebs: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitcoin

    And for the love of god, everyone here should be using TrueCrypt if you think you may have anything illegal such as pirated software or media. It only takes one. TC is free insurance.


    Have your computer set to automatically log off after a period of time. Most raids are early in the morning. A locked system will require a reboot which unmounts your encrypted drive or any encrypted containers. Containers can be set to automatically unmount during a log off. Have a long key that only you know and something you'll remember. Complexity is the key here. Without that passkey, your HDD is bricked. Keep your TC boot CD safe because if something happens to the boot loader, you'll need that master key before you can even put in your passkey.

    Additionally, a good VPN or BT anonymizer keeps you from becoming a target in the first place. TorrentPirvacy has a very cheap BT anonymizer (socks4 proxy) with a 7-day trial. Don't bother with Peer Guardian, if MPAA/RIAA or any of its affiliates wind up being blocked by PG, they will get a new IP.

    Read that, become educated on who are the most trusted VPN providers.

    Lastly, Vista and Windows 7/8 has the IP v6 stack installed by default: disable it. The IP v6 stack can send out your real IP on request.
  3. i've read a bunch of articles saying that it's unlikely anyone who clicked the link accidentally will face any trouble. Mainly because it's very hard to prove intent, etc


  4. Unless they happen to have a bunch of illegal documents on their pc.
  5. They can take your computer with just that data. Always assume the worst when it's within their power. That's a good line of thinking when dealing with the feds. They can pretty much do what they want and they know it.

    Problem is determining who accidentally clicked the link and who clicked it knowing what the link would do. /i/ on 7chan (the precursor to "Anonymous" and Antisec) posted those links all the time to the LOICs and people knew what they were. Sending people into links is nothing new for Anonymous, they've been doing it for years.
  6. What about if you clicked the link form tweeter or some article, etc? It just seems to me a huge waste of time and resources to go after people who clicked the link by mistake and closed it a few seconds later or something. When i was reading about i didn't even understand any technical terms, etc. There's plenty of noobs out there who want to help out in 'the war against sopa', but be utterly clueless about what they're doing. I saw a spanish link on twiter saying 'ayudanos en el efuerzo contra sopa
    , which translates roughly into 'help us with out efforts against sopa' and then a link. Anyone could have clicked on that without having the slightest idea of what they were doing, and have been utterly confused by whatever the hell the LOIC is supposed to do.

    I really don't understand how LOIC works. Do you have to click the link and leave it one for an extended ammount of time, or is clicking it and closing it seconds after just as effective for the purpose of the DDOS? Would the feds be able to tell the difference?
  7. Yeah if you leave after a few seconds they probably won't give it much notice.
  8. OK, so you have to leave it on for a while then for the blasts from your IP to do real damage? Well i guess that would make sense, because it's harder to say you didn't know what you were doing when you had the LOIC active or w/e for a long ass time.
  9. http://techcrunch.com/2012/01/24/wa...its-upcoming-megabox-digital-jukebox-service/

    thoughts on this Krozar, anyone?
  10. It's like saying the oil companies are murdering people who are attempting to create alternative fuel sources. That they're going after MU just because they're "threatening" the recording studios with a new business model is silly. Is it more convenient for the RIAA now that MU is out of the picture? Sure. Could they have pressured congress on the issue? Sure. Was this the main reason? I doubt it.

    The article pretty much answered it - "Other services have tried what Megabox was set to do..."

    Either they sucked at it, or it's not a business model that can thrive. If they sucked at it, someone else will come along sooner or later that won't suck. If it's not a business model that can thrive, then it wasn't going to be all that on MU either.

    At the end of the day it will come down to whether or not the charges will stick. If the charges against MU aren't legit, then they can come back and make their Megabox. If MU is guilty of the charges, then someone else will have to take the reigns.

    If Kim Dotcom was really out to stick it to the record companies with Megabox, he can just donate the name to someone else who was in on the project and is not being prosecuted. While the MU domain might be seizable, I don't think MB is though the ability of the government to seize assets is pretty incredible. Also, with so many people watching, all someone has to do is say "The new MU / MB site is this: blahblahblah.org" and people will flock there.
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  11. Yeah. My thoughts are this fucking sucks. Someone at RIAA is laughing maniacally right now.
  12. There is a easy solution to this in my opinion.

    The people that owns Megaupload, and those other websites. Why not just fine them. They obviously made money off of this shit. Get money from them. Why is the government taking them down. Do they not realize the profit that they can attain from this? Oh, let's shut it down... people will find other ways to do this.

    It's like the prohibition of alcohol...and people jay walking in the streets. You can't stop it. It's like a parent telling a kid. Don't do it. That's more of an incentive to do it. The parent that keeps on denying the kid this. Will make the kid into a bad apple. (That's what I believe).

    But yeah, get money from these filesharing sites... everybody wins kind of. What, do they think if they legalize downloading. Everybody will stop watching TV or going to movies? No... at least not right away. I mean there are still people that watch LIVE TV... commercials and all that shit...

    I love the on-demand stuff... when it first started. I could fast forward the commercials, or better yet they remove it completely.

    Why is our government so old-school. It's time to get these old-timers out. And in with the new. Because they are seriously fcking America up.
  13. Well... this is a little bit more complex than that. Not all files on MU are illegit, many are perfectly legal. If the RIAA / government wanted to fine them for every file that was breaking the law, then that would require someone (probably lots of people) combing through MU finding every instance they can of copyright infringement. How do they go about doing that? Files aren't going to be names like "Transformers" at that point, they'd rename files - so someone would literally have to download them just to investigate them. Now we've burndened MU even more, as their bandwidth costs would rise, not to mention all the files that would get uploaded of people's penises while they scream "SCREW YOU GOVERNMENT, SUCK ON THIS" in their camera.

    Economically, your idea makes a lot of sense (as it mirrors how iTunes works). Logistically it'd probably be a nightmare. That's not to say there's not someone out there with an idea to solve that nightmare, but it's not me at this point in time.
  14. Fuck that. Get your dumb government asses out of my Inerwebs. Congress is fucking up the country already and need to be solving that shit. GTFO and bye bye niggas.

    Americans have the right to do only whatever suits them. If I want to grow some motherfucking mushrooms, I should have the right to grow some mushrooms. Plus is teaches good skills to kids on self reliance. Learning to colonize your own cakes without contamination is something that builds interest in biology and other natural sciences.

    Plus, once they eat some, they'll realize they will never need religion. They'll see that it all comes from within. The power is locked up inside of you.

    I'm thinking me and TAL need to meet up in Vegas. What ya'll say?
  15. ^
    If I had the money to afford a plane ticket I'm for it.

    But it's funny how our current government is forgetting the foundation it was built upon. Didn't our forefathers left England, because they didn't respect their freedom of religion and what not. Someone should to go Congress and be like "What did you get an F in history?"

    It seems like this is a case of "I don't want to be my father, then generations later, the grand,grand son forgets what his dad teaches him, and becomes that father his great, great grand father was... "
  16. Jesus Christ. that's messed up. I just don't have words.
  17. Why does Hawaii have to be like the US? Seems like a nice place to have free drugs, sex, and rock and roll.
  18. Somehow this fits into a "Help control the tree population.." type of joke. I just can't get the last part of Bob barker's line to fit. That is gonna be A LOT of paperwork in there.
  19. The Peoples republic of Hawaii......

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