1. Sucks but almost impossible to not use GoDaddy since they own millions of domains and if you want one of them you have to be an auction member which is yearly. But yeah I guess you can still move your domains.
  2. everyone who has godaddy is apparently moving away before the new year
  3. lol

    "We support SOPA!"
    *millions of domain owners leave
    "We withdrawn our support!"

    What did those stupid fucks thing was going to happen. Dammit I thought this was dead but the more sites I visit the more I see people talking about this. Dammit this sucks. Writing and protesting has done nothing so far.
  4. /Bank of America

    ...eventually these companies will learn that the internet basically fucks all of their plans to just raise the price just "because we can"...before everyone felt like...it must only be me thats upset about this

    now you get facebook and twitter and forum campaigns and have 100k+ people behind it...it gets a little steam

    internet is pretty powerful stuff...now if only people were as adamant about government...
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  5. eh who gives a rats ass what wiki does. My various gods don't give a fuck and neither do I.
  6. I do. I use it daily for quick information, timelines, etc.

    Reddit also going down.
  7. I use wiki quite a lot actually, helps on homework and finding resources for papers
  8. you just have to be so cool don't you Bob.
  9. My reply on Wikimedia to a user who supports SOPA/PIPA because he is against copyright infringement.

    @Yoda: It is important to protect intellectual property. However, good intentions are often used as an excuse for tyranny. SOPA/PIPA will allow the blocking of Internet sites without due process. We have seen a similar law that was passed in Australia which, according to lawmakers, would block sites that were involved in the harming of children. What happened in reality is that thousands of sites were blocked for political and otherwise unexplained reasons with no accountability. Expansion of government powers outside of due process is a dangerous thing. Your post argues the importance of protecting copyrights. However, that's really not the issue at hand here.

    As for your point about marijuana, that's an entirely different subject and it detracts from your argument. For future reference, I recommend not using an extraneous argument or point as it comes off as weak and juvenile.
  10. Hopefully this sends a message to congress, that they are compromising the very internet in which they rely on, on a daily basis.
  11. They probably had to look up on Wikipedia what SOPA is.
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  12. Looks like it worked for the most part. Several backers (including a co-sponsor) are backing away from the bill.
  13. The thing with me pirating is that I would not normally purchase most of what I pirate. So the numbers that Hollywood comes up with are bullshit. Plus, series season DVDs packs are too expensive anyways.
  14. ^ fixed

    Not going to get complacent though. This can get sneaked through another bill in the dead of night within the next few years. Big names and big money like Sony are the ones who created SOPA/PIPA and at the end of the day money talks and the Bridge to Nowhere is still going to be built.
  15. wow, the feds just shut down Megaupload, and all its afiliated sites. It's ALL GONE.

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