1. Oh man I just recently learned about this. From what I heard it's like a rewrite of S.978 just worse. This crap can't happen and I'm like not even close to 100% piracy, but the fact that it will harm legitimate business is stupid. It's like they want to do something about it, which is fine to protect people's IP when done reasonably, but it's like they're high school janitors aiming to build an 8th century cathedral with 5000B.C. tools. It's retarded.
  2. What these people fail to see is that the internet itself is a part of the evolution of the human race.
  3. Thread was made already and half you fucks didn't even view it. I signed a petition and emailed my congressman about this. I heard this was overturned but I guess I heard wrong.
  4. Seriously if this gets passed... I can only imagine how our nation will react... the 99%, not the 1%
  5. My ISP already disconnects my internet anytime I torrent a new movie.
  6. Use a VPN. I maintained over 1 MB/s speeds with Anonine.
  7. This Congress has already proved that:

    -They can't cut the budget.
    -Failure on Failcare.
    -Couldn't close the Gitmo jail.

    They need to lay the fuck off anything else. They've driven me to Libertarianism.
  8. Hows that work? Masks my online activities from my ISP company?
  9. Yep. It encrypts your connection and changes your IP.
  10. Changes your IP to be that of somewhere else. When running, my IP is usually based somewhere in North Carolina
  11. If you use the PTPP version (Window's default VPN client) then you should uninstall the IPv6 stack which is installed by default in Win 7. IPv6 has a huge security flaw in the PTPP protocol that can reveal your real IP (even if you use IPv4).
  12. can you change net provider then?
  13. It'll happen with any major ISP. Anti-pirating organizations contract out a companies that has bots sitting on the top X torrents and simply collects IPs from the swarm. Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, etc. now have a system exclusively for them to send over the IP & time and the end user will automatically get a page that pops up and service will not be restored unless the user agrees to never do it again.

    If the same user has been reported more than 1 time, it is reported back tot he MPAA's contracted legal team who may have a cerified letter deliver demanding a settlement to prevent further civil and/or criminal action.

    Comedy Central is one of the worst offenders. Avoid any CC torrents such as Futurama.

    Peerguardian won't save you so don't even bother. If you can get in the torrent, so can they. The best method is a VPN with a reputation of not selling out to TV/Movie industry demands to release info. iPredator, Anonine, SwissVPN, and others are good. I'd avoid any US-based VPNs. They are faster but some give out info on demands. US VPNs are mostly for people in China to get around the Government Websense. The absolute best way is to have a seedbox, but they are pretty pricey.
  14. what provider do you use and where do you live?
  15. Yeah definitely get a VPN in that case. Your ISP will just see garbled information and you will be using the VPN's DNS server and handle all direct connections (something a proxy may reveal).
  16. We should put up a collection for a tal seedbox
  17. one of my good buddies who had a fucking awesome anime bluray index for DDL's only .. no torrents.. got shut the fuck down. I know this happens a lot but still I fear what could happen with

    This was his post: "Well, this had to happen sooner or later I suppose, but I didn't think it would be this soon.

    As I'm typing this (12/18/11) both my megaupload and fileserve accounts are under attack by the copyright fags. At first I thought it was the typical deleting of links (which we all deal with), but now I can see that it's some kind of action aimed directly at me since the blog i've been using as an index has just vanished without a trace.

    tclencodes.wordpress.com is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this blog.

    My fileserve account also appears to be locked down. I can't upload/FTP upload/remote upload, I can't even delete/move files. I sent a email to their support, but who knows if they'll even respond.

    Under normal circumstances I would just ignore fileserve and reupload my megaupload links but it appears that MU's rapid re-upload isn't working with the files that have been deleted. I've tried some 30 files and not a single one will rapid re-up. Having to reupload the 600GB+ files I have without rapid re-up just isn't an option with my upload speeds (80kbps max).

    I've been planning to quit for some time now since I just don't get any joy out of doing this anymore, but there were still a few series that I wanted to do (and may still). I've decided to take this as an ill omen of things to come and back out of this sooner than I planned.

    Mad props to Cman, joseole99, Forge, dragon80 and everyone else that brings HD anime to the masses, and thanks to everyone that supported me.

    PS: My last rip will be Heaven's Lost Property since I already have it ordered."

    I have his whole index but I've already had run ins with MPAA, funimation and my ISP a few times.

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