1. Need new ram? video card? CPU? or even an entire build? That's what this thread is for!

    This thread is geared toward purpose performance compared with cost value.

    Give us some information to best find the right hardware.

    What you want:
    What you want to use it for:
    Current hardware item you have:
    Current total system specs:

    Number of monitors:
    Resolution(s) you expect to run at:
    Running games on multiple screens (y/n):
    Running many programs at once (y/n & specify):
    PSU wattage:
    Needs to run quiet (y/n):
    Refurbs (y/n):
    Minimum price:
    Maximum price:


    If you want a graphics card, mention the available length of room in your case for a card. For a CPU, clarify if you want a stock cooler or if you will be supplying your own as some higher-end CPUs do not come with stock coolers.

    With the current total specs, be fairly detailed. For example with the mobo tell us the chipset. With ram, tell us the clock speed. Tell us anything that's overclocked. Example: ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 mobo / i5-3570k proc @ 4.2ghz / 2x 4G G.SKILL Sniper series ram @ 1866 / 700W PSU / VisionTek Radeon HD 7850 2GB card @ stock settings and case can seat an 11-inch card / STORAGE = 1TB USB 3.0 WD Elements external, 1TB WD Caviar Black 7200RPM, 128GB Kingston HyperX SSD for OS.

    To see most of your system specs get CPU-Z.

    The above form is a guideline, not a requirement, to help us because people tend to be vague: "what card should I get to play kickass games on my Dell???! lol" It is also assuming your comp isn't a dinosaur and can handle typical consumer memory and cards. You may be asked follow-up questions, such as a video card that has a better heat dissipation system or a CPU that's unlocked for more, but dangerous, overclocking configuration. If you want a storage solution, for example, the above form would be overkill.

    edit: Be specific on "what you want to use it for." Gaming? What sort of games and at what settings (ex. 8x anti-aliasing)? Will you be recording gameplay? If the latter is true, then that makes NVIDIA's ShadowPlay a good choice.

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