1. yeah i did that. in a section where there hasnt been a post for over a year.
    The titular characters from the seven deadly sins vs the homunculus from full metal alchemist. Its sin vs sin.

    Meliodas vs Wrath aka King Bradley
    Ban vs Greed (Ling version)
    Merlin vs Gluttony
    Gowther vs Lust
    Diane vs Envy
    Escanor vs Pride
    King vs Sloth

    Fight stipulations: Due to escanor and pride's condition to light or lack thereof the fight will begin an hour before dawn.
    All homunculus have full lives meaning they have the same amount of lives when they were first created.
    Meliodas does not have his full demon powers back.
    All the Sins are fighting with their sacred treasures.
  2. Wouldn't it be 8 vs 7 if you were just doing homunculus since Father is one?
  3. im not including father because i want it to be sin vs sin.
  4. We never saw escanor and we haven't seen all the sacred treasures
  5. Escanor made his appearance in the side story which featured the vampire clan. The ten commandments are currently staying at the ruins of the castle where that battle took place.
    The holy treasures apply to those we have seen.
  6. obviously looking at the two universes

    SDS would win because they are so over the top strong in their universe

    FMA was more based in a "reality" themed universe...which is why Maes Hughes died...in SDS people get pulverized and still come back for more...or heal overnight typea thing
  7. For every battle? I dont think so. Yes i know that the Sins have a higher power level but dont forget that the Homunculus all have a philosophers stone in them except for Wrath. And thats like being a limited version of Ban. Immortality limited though is nothing to laugh at.

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