1. What's the point of owning everyone when you can't feel the joy in it. It's like given the power to have sex with anyone you want but you can't feel the joy of your hard-on/orgasms. I wouldn't call it a mistake on his part, Harashima actually checkmated him and could of sealed him away if he didn't do the transfer. The 1st Hokage forced him to force his hand I think. There is no mistaking he's at a disadvantage not being immortal against the whole Narutoverse.
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  2. So within only a few more weeks
    and one crappy powerup
    Kishimoto is expected to surpass his shounen competitors and make the series legendary.

    Good luck guys I hope it was worth it really. I jumped ship and have been the cautionary skeptical spectator/troll but I'm going to remain quiet and see where this goes :troll

  3. Jesus Christ. I hope Kishi isn't this wishy washy. As much as I rant I don't want it to be painfully bad to read/watch like Valvrave. At least end on a good note.
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  4. I feel like the guy in the video, had a bunny that he liked to hug and squeeze tight, and for that reason he doesn't have a bunny anymore....

    On topic though, I agree with you Vigi. I have followed it for tooooo long, and though it is waning in my interest as of late, since I have followed it for so long, I cant have it end bad. Something good or at least as good as it is now should happen. I only mean that as in, the way this is going, and from what that video said, it may only proceed lower and lower in my standards.
  5. am i the only one that misses neji ):
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  6. No, you're not alone in that regard. Sometimes I even miss his fatalism...it was a nice contrast to naruto's cheese laden optimism.
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  7. i always wonder why kakashi didnt just warp those wood branches away that selfish asshole
  8. It's good to get closure and good to know that the manga is ending. I'm gonna be sad, been reading/watching this series for a very long time. I hope we get some spin offs or mini-series for some characters here and there over time.

    lol @ the author not knowing how to kill Madara lmfao!!!! He's that EPIC!!! hahaha

    Seriously though, how do you kill the greatest ninja (1st being it as well slightly above) with Harashima's cells.
  9. I feel like this guy takes this manga way too seriously
  10. It's a fake annoucement so you can be at ease. And... no? I haven't taken Naruto seriously ever since Obito reveal.
  11. i was talking about the guy in the video bro
  12. I am forever upset about his demise...I seriously can't even talk about him anymore. It just makes me angry.
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  13. Good, it worked. I'm more upset about the cheese that came after his death.
  14. Been awhile been awhile :troll
    Came across an enlightening theory I found in 2013 that I'd like to share.


    Also I hope Madara goes back to Edo-Tensei level cool soon. Kratos Aurion has more swag than him easily right now.
  15. Needs more hand gestures.
  16. Anyone else notice itachi's Amaterasu emits from his right eye, and Sasuke's emits from his Left despite the fact that he has Itachi's eyes
  17. This thing is still coming out?
  18. That's what she said?
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  19. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/new...sked-for-sequel-please-let-me-rest-now/.90993

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