1. well before it gets dropped.. seeing that you're new here I think it's appropriate to let bobby or a member have the last word eh.
  2. Sure. That's okay with me.
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  3. True, but Karin said A's chakra was equivelent to a tailed beast...... before he even used his raiton armor. But either way im not betting paycheck on it, i just think it's kinda odd they can fight a tailed beast with just taijutsu N have rediculous amount of chakra.
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  4. Well as I already said:

    Killer B is pretty durable, but not to the same extent as the Third and Forth Raikages and no other Cloud-nin has shown that level of durability. It could be the result of special training, like Gai's or Rock Lee's speed is, but Mabui said that A can survive the teleportation because he is part of the Third Raikage's bloodline. Other the other hand, that was mentioned only in the anime, so it might not be canon. We do know that this durability has nothing to do with a jutsu such as the lightning armor as A didn't even have his lightning armor active when he was teleported, so the strong body is clearly separate from the lightning armor. It could be the result of genetics, special training, a jutsu, or some combination thereof. We won't know for sure unless Kishi gives more background on it in the manga or in a databook or interview or something.
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  6. [IMG]
  7. [IMG]Kishimoto art at it's finest.
  8. Great discussion.
  9. Shh, don't interrupt em. I'd rather the morons post here, than derail actual chapter discussion.
  10. aww poor baby, you can't handle that your manga is garbage now? I also love how I'm the moron when you're the 29 year old man calling foul in a naruto thread "GTFO GTFO WAHHHH"
  11. >How I feel when I try to post an opinion in the Naruto section

    Guess who the Inquisitors are :troll
  12. Please, if this was the real inquisition or even a semblance or the internet's equivalent of it, you wouldn't be allowed to post.:troll

    It's Ironic, people used to post what your approximation of an "Opinion" is in the bleach section all the time, and even I a naruto mod, was not exempt from the incessant whining and complaining via PM's from the faithful. It's posters like you and Khari, that drove Alex to enact more draconian posting rules and regulations than what was enforced in the naruto section.

    "As of late, there has been alot of spamming, and alot of what I'd like to call whining in the Manga discussion threads. It's mostly people lashing out at the manga complaining about how much suck it is and "yadayda...."

    I won't have it anymore. If you want to bash the manga, there is a thread for it already.

    If anyone else feels like complaining, you are free to do it there. If you once in a while feel like the chapter was dissapointing, that is alright. But if it's posts like "OMG Bleach still sucks and will always suck" etc. your post will be deleted and you will be warned/infracted accordingly.

    I hope I've made myself clear, I'm sure you are all aware that I do not take lightly upon handing out these warnings and infractions and will have no second thoughts about doing so either.

    Thank you"
    Alexandrius, circa 2008-2009
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  13. There's coming out of the closet, there's being caught in an orgy with Harry Reid and Jessica Parker, and then there's just this.
  14. Until you actually back up your claim, I'm just going to assume you're trolling again. Enjoy your Nacho Libre.
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  15. Xandor, we just had a chapter where live Madara is > Edo Tensei. What are you doing?
  16. Wondering when edo tensei was ever stronger than being alive...
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  17. [IMG]
  18. And back to trolling you go, guess I shouldn't have expected anything else. I cited manga in the thread, until I see the same from you I'll just assume you've got nothing better to do but make stuff up. Enjoy!
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  19. Character in immortal body with unlimited chakra>>>>>character in body which can die of injury and chakra loss

    Like what are we going to start arguing whether Naruto doesn't Friendship no Jutsu now? Or that maybe an edo Obito is weaker than Madara currently? or something liek dat?

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