1. What was that list of what Naruto tries to do in these kind of fights?

    Beat them down physically, emotionally, and utter crushing of their ideals. Naruto was acting against the 'pre-destined' sterf that Neji was spouting.

    And again Vote 'ignores' any evidence that goes against him. Good lawyering!!!!
  2. Wrong. The jyuuken has two functions. The first is just damaging the organs as Hinata was aiming to do. Neji only struck Naruto once. It would not have shut down his chakra. This is similar to what he did to Kidomaru when he attacked him through his own web. It didn't shut down his chakra. It merely gave him internal injuries.

    I'm the last person to defend Vote's "lawyering." I'm merely pointing out that this argument is pointless. It's now consuming this entire thread. However, as there's not much else to talk about I suppose I shouldn't have bothered.
  3. ^ geez thanks for the back up man lol
  4. Remember, he is 'studying' to be a lawyer. So he is trying to play devil's advocate, we shouldn't take him seriously, etc. Him accepting being proven wrong would help his 'becoming a lawyer.' Cause as for right now, if you have him as a defense lawyer ( god help ya ), just plead guilty and do everyone a favor.
  5. "No!; Shut up!; This incriminating evidence doesn't even exist!"

    but yeah on topic i am hard pressed to find even a single instance in which narutos clones go poof from him getting beat up too bad.
  6. ^ lol I like the god help you line, although devil's advocate aside I just always taught that stop the jutsu caster the jutsu itself will stop, I dont see where my logic is going wrong, why would a knocked out or seriously injured naruto be able to keep his clones??? being knocked out or seriously injured would have an affect on your chakra, chakra is energy right, now we all have energy if a second ago I had enough energy to dunk a basketball and than i get punch in the stomach really fucking hard, I am pretty sure I no longer have the energy to do that as it has been knocked out of me, its a simple enough concept to understand, the only known jutsu to be independent of the caster well being are edo, and summons, nothing else
  7. Whoa, are we talking about "knocked out or seriously injured" now? I thought we were arguing that if the original is damaged the clones go away, similar to how if the clones are hit the clones go away.

    These are two different things.

    If Naruto is unconcious, yes the KBs would MOST LIKELY go away, I agree.

    But if Naruto's arm got chopped off but he was able to maintain his composure and chakra control, I see no reason to think that the clones would disappear.

    The Neji example is difficult because he was going for a pressure point with his unique style and god knows what that does. But we have seen Naruto get stabbed through the hand with a kunai and still maintain his clone.
  8. ^ i agree, i mean but I am saying for example you can get punch in the stomach and it wont phase you or you keep your composure, or you can get punch in your stomach and it drains your energy and zaps your strength, I just think if you hurt naruto bad enough his chakra (energy) would fuck up in a way that would affect the clones, I am not sure how that is a crazy assumption by me at all, i think at this point in my "naruto career" lol, ppl will just try to go against everything I say which I admit is kind of fun for me
  9. Too ambigious. With statements like that you can never be wrong, because whatever happens is what you said.

    If he got beat to the point of near death, then yes he'd likely lose the KBs.
    If he got an arm chopped off I doubt he would.
  10. I think it would maybe have to do with concentration. If he was hit hard enough to lose his concentration his clones would disappear. In Naruto's case he'd have to be hit pretty hard, since he's quite resilient, but if he got hit with a nuke (not literally), I'm sure he'd have to concentrate on defense or evasion and his clones might go poof. Unless when he creates the clones he doesn't have to focus to maintain the jutsu... Just throwing it out there.
  11. I was thinkin and I dunno if this is a glaring plot hole or anything, but since the beginning of the manga: What reason has the Kyuubi ever even had for saving Naruto if it wants to be free.

    Unless the seal doesn't break even in death, Kyuubi could have let him die numerous times..the seal would have been broken and it would just reincarnate.
  12. We have been over the maintain jutsu crap.

    As far as kyuubi saving naruto, 'I wanna be free now' versus 'I'll reincarnate 20 years from now in which every village and their brother has a way to deal with me'.
  13. ^ And how exactly is the Kyuubi gonna be free? By controlling Naruto's body? Don't forget that the chakra cloak is killing Naruto so even if the kyuubi were to take control of his body he would eventually die.

    I don't think the kyuubi considers Madara/Akatsuki a friend either.

    Fact is the kyuubi was controlled by Hashirama then given to the Uzumakis for 3 generations, then stolen by Madara and then sealed in Naruto. That's gotta be a lot of years. If I were the Kyuubi I'd let Naruto die 10 times over.
  14. Be careful with ressing old issues..

    Anyways, you are 'forgetting' a few key things about this thing. Chakra cloak doesn't do 'as much damage' to Naruto as we thought thanks to Uzumaki longetivity. Also, a 'rate of decay' was never stated so this excuse can't be used very much. Also, lovely thing about kyuubi in control at the time....the seal weakened. How much? We don't know besides that repeated weakening would have it fail and Kyuubi be free. No rate of decay given, besides the general 'higher tails' equaling to faster weakening.

    Kyuubi doesn't consider anyone a friend. Apparently, his choice of 'targets' are those that are an actually threat to him first, then everyone at his leisure (sp?).

    Fact is, before Hashirama and others, kyuubi stayed in hiding and came out to play every 100 years or so ( natural disaster and malice and crap ). Hashirama had hax bijuu ability and fightng Madara who could also control kyuubi. Then we got the uzumakis who were sealing experts ( note we don't know the exact details of the seal for how they did the kyuubi-jins ). Stolen by madara during the whole childbirth weakening jin seal ( apparently this works in general when it comes to the sealing ). Then the mess with the deathgod seal and what kyuubi and chakra from it can/can't do. And now the whole host-death reincarnation thing. Wherein the reincarnation thing would take <insert apparently large amount of time here> whereupon people 'in the future' would be better equipped to deal with the bijuu ( so far uzumaki clan and cloud nin for bijuu in general and other villages with whatever jin they were given ).

    sidenote: So much for naruto ( the character ) in mpreg fanfics. hehe.
  15. Also note that Naruto doesn't even contain the whole fox. Part of the fox was sealed into Minato and died when he died. So Naruto only contains about half of the fox
  16. Kishi is in God Mode right now.

    Latest chapter was a beast. And pacing was outstanding. We get the conclusion to the Gai vs Kisame fight next week! SWEET!
  17. I really don't mean to be insensitive towards Japan's current situation, but I would really like to know. Would the whole earthquake/tsunami/reactor issue affect the weekly jump publication? On one hand, I hope not, so that I can have my weekly fix, but on the other, I can understand if it did.
  18. don't understand why Cane revealed the spoiler threads after the spoilers were out and kept them locked!? Guess he forgot to open em up c'mon brah. Wonder if theres any mods on right now
  19. I really have become desensitized with this manga. Only a few twists that didn't even turn out to be significant in the story and the rest has just been bish bash bash bish, shooting powers at each other and so little being done. Not saying that there won't be exciting stuff ahead but it's really slogging down the manga. Even the latest chapter has been underwhelming imo. Typical matchups typical tactics. And the orcs... i mean zetsus just running around so Naruto can tank them like some kind of mmorpg =_=

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