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    Kishi is at the top of his game IMO the story is processing and the action is still good. Kubo should take some lessons
  3. Yeah, kishi is doing very well, especially with the recent chapters. I guess maybe it's because we're finally getting to see Naruto in action :p
  4. ^^Not only that, the battle between Pain and Naruto was epic and the development of Naruto learning about who his father is.

    Cant wait for Naruto to ask questions about his heritage. Kakashi and Tsunade are probably the only ones left close enough to Kushina and Minato to really give Naruto an explaination.

    Coming up also is Danzou's attempt at taking Konoha. So quite a bit to go and i like how Nagato and Danzou have a history. It makes the Danzou's attempt even more interesting.
  5. ^^ Agreed. I also think that Danzo himself is quite capable of revealing some of Naruto's past...Especially if he had something to do with Kushina's supposed death.
  6. I have to say, that I like Pain a lot more than I originally did. In fact, there are many things I like about him. These flashbacks are pretty decent. I feel that at times Pain has been the stereotypical villain, so I hope his flashbacks allude to more depth behind his personality. I thought Naruto's sage mode powerup was rather sudden, but that's just me.

  7. Even though overall i like his sage mode, i will admit it was somewhat rushed.
  8. I felt it couldn't have come at a better time lol...If I saw the same KB and Rasengan spamming after all this "elite" training I'd have lost interest in Naruto for atleast a few weeks or something...not forever cause I'm sure Kishi woulda redeemed himself.
  9. Naruto may not have the sharingan, but in the early years, he copied some maneuvers with the use of his clones. Now that he's been aware his clones can help him learn things, does anyone think he picked up anything new during his fights with Pain's bodies, besides just combat experience?
  10. I think I'd honestly skeet a little againest my will if he somehow learned Shinra tensei...so epic.
  11. Thats not just something you pick up.

    The ability to manipulate gravity seems like something that would be procured through yin yang training, yeah i kno random, but juss seems like thats where it would come from.
  12. I'm still waiting to see the relationship between Madara and Danzo - the student teacher era?
    3 snakes fell, but Kishi only shows you the fate of one.

    Naruto 393 page 01 | One Manga
    Naruto 394 page 03 | One Manga
  13. Dunno why you answered it over here, where I barely caught the quote. Given it is just pictures 'for now', it isn't hard to imagine what happened to the other two with all the amaterasu going around at the time. Especially since, Oro is now forever in genjutsu land ( except for kabutomaru ).
  14. I didn't have anything more to add to that thread, and this isn't a closed discussion - point taken though.

    I just assumed that anyone of those snakes had the potential to become a whole new Oro, were they to invade someone weak enough or found Kabutomaru. Besides, not everything was consumed by the flames.
  15. Especially since all Kishi had to do to make it right on time was to say that Naruto trained with Jiraiya to be a sage, but couldn't crack the problems to use it in combat. Since he only had two fights post time skip it would make perfect sense.
  16. Gedo Mazo and King of Hell statue appear to be the same summon, so I'm wondering if Nagato has cuffed and blindfolded it because it kills indiscrimantely? Or if it has something to do with the rods being broken and therefore deminished control? I still think it's something Harashima made during the era of constant war but, it probably wont play out that way.
  17. I think shinra tensei and the statue are both somewhat related to the rinnegan since nagato is the only user of these, and I know that that doesn't mean it's the case, but you'd think yahiko or konan would maybe have known at least shinra tensei if it was learnable by anyone. And maybe the statue was blindfolded since it didn't contain any bijuu yet, since it's eyes seem to open one by one as they seal the bijuu inside of it.
  18. I think Kishi needs to define souls and chakra as two separate elements of the human life force. When Sandaime removed part of Oro's soul, his hand immediately decayed, indicating that all physical and spiritual energy had been removed i.e. the hand was deplete of chakra. But then why didn't Sandaime decay?

    The reason I don't think Gedo Mazo is used to consume chakra is because exchange of chakra has almost always been shown through direct physical contact (genjutsu being the exception) e.g. Samehada and Preta Path. To me, this summon is no different to Tayuya's Doki, so I think it removes either physical or spiritual energy, not both.

    Another area of confusion for me is subject of Biju (sorry Cane I know you explained) because in order to have chakra you need spritual energy and physical energy - how can they have chakra without a body? How was Minato able to seal Kyuubi if the Death God is for sealing souls?

    Hmm, the only reasonable conclusion I can come to is that souls are the external representation of spiritual energy and consciousness, which might explain how Minato can seal himself in Naruto (w/o possibility of replenishing chakra), Gaara can be brought back to life and Oro can use Edo Tensei to bring someone back despite the loss of the original body.

    Nagato doesn't use paper jutsu like Konan but does that mean no one else can learn it? I agree that the statue is related to the Rinnegan but I still think it has something to do with Mokuton.

  19. Just to clear up the tech. term confusion

    1. Chakra is spiritual energy.

    2. Chakra exists without having to mould stamina(phyiscal energy)

    3. In fact, I would argue that life IS chakra. That these two forces are inseperable and act as one. Life cannot exist without chakra and vice versa.

    A brief expansion on my 2nd point. Chakra beast can exist naturally without 'needing a physical body' because this. Physical bodies cant exist w/o chakra and chakra cant w/o physical bodies...

    That being said, Chakra itself IS a physical body and a tangible (thou seemingly intangible) building block of life.

    Hope that helps a bit..
  20. I don't agree NosferaII, but I won't bother arguing about it.

    I had this same question. I concluded that must have some physical form that generates the physical energy necessary for chakra. I don't agree with the notion that they are just spiritual entities. The hungry ghosts that Tayuya summoned are examples of spirit entities that had no physical form. They literally starved for physical energy. The bijuu don't fit this discription. And since we saw Oro being sealed within the sword of totsuka then there's no reason to think that an actual physical body would prevent them from being sealedd within a person.

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