1. ~The Legend of Zelda FC~


    Welcome to the Legend of Zelda FC. This is a FC dedicated to one of the most loved game series ever. It started as just one game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


    • The Legend of Zelda,
    • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
    • A Link to the Past
    • Link's Awakening
    • Ocarina of Time
    • Majora's Mask
    • Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages
    • The Wind Waker
    • Four Swords Adventures
    • The Minish Cap
    • Twilight Princess
    • Phantom Hourglass
    • Skyward Sword



    You can read LoZ manga on One Manga.




    Save You From The Dark (Zelda's Song)
    Lyrics & Music by JC Van Luyn

    Ocarina & Piano by Docjazz4

    Heart for the Hero


    Fan art by FC members:

    Pedestal of Time by Martzu

    Make this night holy and blessed,
    this is my will and final request,
    remembering our Minuet of Forest.

    Inside Golden realm is our shire,
    holding in all I ever desire,
    together with you Bolero of Fire.

    Reflection of us is getting fainter,
    surface of lake always alter,
    deep affection through Serenade of Water.

    Heavy duties we were forced to inherit,
    malevolent forces will try to emit,
    make us rise again with Requiem of Spirit.

    High on nightly sky soars lonely crow,
    under darkness hidden fearful woe,
    comfort us with Nocturne of Shadow.

    Wistful hope was mine tonight,
    filled my heart with pure delight,
    our last dance is Prelude of Light.

    Contests: Are you a Gossip Stone? 20.6 - 30.7.2009

    Are you a Gossip Stone?

    "The mystical stone responds to the mask and speaks to you. ...But its words are heard in secret..." Name the LoZ game where you can see this line and the mask revealing Gossip Stone’s secret.

    In the Wind Waker we have the Pirate’s Charm, an enhanced version of the Gossip Stones. Who was the maker of the Pirate’s Charm?

    Fill the blank: Gossip Stone near Hyrule Castle reveals: "They say that, contrary to her elegant image, Princess Zelda of Hyrule Castle is, in fact, a _________!"

    Fill the blank: "They say that _________________ is super sharp and will never break."

    The Legend of Zelda FC:
    Owner: Martzu

    Co-owners: Sandgolem


    1. Alexandrius
    2. Sandgolem
    3. krozar
    4. Kibs
    5. kEblAdEmAstA
    6. Ninjagirl
    7. Manga_pip
    8. Zerathul
    9. Yoshitsune
    10. Flare
    11. Shannara
    12. Soi_Fon
    13. Tails212
    14. Matt
    15. zouledge
    16. Nezumi
    17. Lelouch Vi Zero
    18. JDM Junkie
    19. Death Seraphim
    20. Chaz

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    made by Sandgolem

    FC's Gallery


    by http://pervylinkplz.deviantart.com/
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  2. Majoras Mask forever yo.
  3. I agree, it is awesome game. If I haven't fallen in love with OoT. MM would have been the one. I so love MM's complexity.

    And welcome aboard Alex ^^
  4. OoT will forever hold a place in my heart. But I have to say my current favorite Zelda Games are probly Phantom Hourglass then GBA 2 part series Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages.

    I was never a big fan of Majoras even though I own it.

    Sign me up for this club!
  5. Wellcome to the FC Sandgolem ^^

    I own quite few of LoZ games. Enjoyed 'em all. When it comes to GBA games I am big fan of OoA. It was sweet. Even if I didn't get all of those rings.
  6. I never did truely finish it, I beat both games, but I never did the xfer of data between then. Thats how you TRUELY beat it. oh well...still an amazing game. (psst, I never got all the rings either)
  7. I did that data thingie. And if I remember right it was the only way to get really all those rings as well. But I had no patience at all with those rings ^^;;
  8. You know what I was thinking, is as bad as the phillips CDI games were. They introduced a concept that the Zelda franchise has never covered. I would love to see the series go back to making Zelda the hero. I think it would be an awesome twist on the series.
  9. As sad as it would make me for not seeing Link being the main character I have to agree, it would be lovely twist in the series. Series name is after all "Legend of Zelda".

    I was slightly disappointed to see Zelda being the one to be saved in Twilight Princess, after she did took more active role in the end of the Wind Waker.
  10. Shouldn't be sad :3 Zelda can save link this game! :awesome
  11. Surely Zelda can safe the day and Hyrule. She is capable girl, so I am not worried about that. What makes me sad is there would not be enough moments to admire Link's good looks and have those fangirl moment ^///^

  12. Wow nice picture. Very cool.

    Personally I'd like to see at least 1 Zelda where the Link / Zelda of the story fall in love.
  13. lawl, wouldn't it be something if Tetra/Zelda and Link from tWW would fall in love? Tetra is so spicy I bet she would keep things very interesting for Link for longest of time.

    Partly I like LoZ so much, because the boy don't get the princess and half of the kingdom after saving what was to be saved. But, it would be lovely to see a love story involved in the game's main story and it would be between Link and Zelda. Also making Link something else than average working boy could spice up the storyline. But I doubt that will be changed.
  14. Well...I kinda disagree with you I mean...if anything he deserves Zelda. Lets look at OoT that man had the Zora Princess, The Ranch Girl, The thief lady, lets not forget Sarah, all in love with him to name a few. And he went through hell and back, gave up his life to save him all....the boy deserved to end up happy. What did Zelda do...she sent him back to Majora's Mask....THAT BITCH XD
  15. Sarah is Saria?

    Link deserves best there is. But is that best Zelda?

    What kind of a marriage it would be if other is basically a peasant and other is a princess. The social cap would be too big to allow them to live happily ever after imho.
  16. lol social gap? there would be no social gap if it wasn't for link. I think when your physically able to kill everyone in the room + their body guards at any given moment. The social gaps disappear.

    Besides Zelda would do all the talkin anyway, link would just be the hunkin man candy.

    Edit: He was good enough to be the fiance of the Zora Princess. :eek:
  17. I object any relationship/marriage Link could possibly have. Unless it is with me that is =P

    Ruto is such headstrong Zora girl and not to mention has seriously determined mind, so I am afraid Link would be married with ball and chain before Zelda could do anything =P
  18. As long as one of the links end up happy. I'd be happy. Also I hope we see more of the Tetra / Link Stories. (Windwaker and Phantom Hourglass were amazing!)
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  19. Whoa that looks like tie in to the 4 swords series. Holy shit...how amazing would that game have been.

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