1. I thought this was such a great movie. The Founder is one of those great American success stories. McDonalds from a historical standpoint is probably thee most successful restaurant franchises of all time. It is also a movie that comes from humble and beautiful beginnings and then like everything else turns to SHIT! Then that SHIT gets spanned to every communities, states, countries and continents. The great American iconic company was founded on greed, dishonesty, theft and no integrity...in other words a piece of SHIT. Every employee there should laugh out loud when they start their first day as they browse through their company policy that they don't take the time to read. If I was the decedents of Bob and Dick I would want to burn that empire to the ground unless I was getting 50% of the company profits every year. Ray Kroc was a evil beast but smart as hell, so were the originators inventing their automated system that has pretty much become the standard everywhere of fastfood restaurants. A couple lol moments that I won't spoil all, but lol @ that Jewish guy teaching Kroc how to legally steal.

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