1. I was thinking he wants time with his daughter
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  2. So...the timeline gets screwed up and Nora ends up with a twin brother. Unless her brother shows up later this season. BECAUSE THERE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TWO OF THEM! And Impulse is the son of her brother.

    Also, Jessica Parker Kennedy who plays Nora...yeah...FINE!
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  3. Incest?? Well..they will be done before you know it.
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  4. You're probably going to be right. Nora mentioned that it was just her and Iris growing up, so I'm pretty sure they'll to figure out what happened to future Barry and will end up messing up the timeline, giving her a brother.

    I'm pretty curious about what really happened to future Barry, so I'm looking forward to that.

    Also, Ralph was totally right about how Eddie should've just gotten a vasectomy to stop Eobard. People have been saying that for a while but it was funny to hear hear it be stated in-universe too.
  5. There is the possibility that Barry found something and decided to finally rid himself of Iris and said 'see ya, bitches' to mother and daughter. The fact that he has been gone for so long can mean he managed to find him some hot pieces of ass over time.
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  6. Just found this. I really wish they had left it in.

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